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Obama Briefing papers announced at CSETI conference in Rio Rico, Arizona
Sat 24 October 2009
Dr. Steven Greer
The unveiling of the detailed briefing provided to the new Obama
Administration and senior government officials in Washington, DC

The briefing papers announced at the Rio Rico conference included multiple high level
testimonies and secret documents.

Within minutes of the announcement which was sent out live via the Internet, a G7
Head of State team conveyed to Dr. Greer by phone that this was "fantastic and

IMPORTANT: Please circulate the following to everyone you know. Not only because its
our right to have this important knowledge but that this request can pose dangerous
territory for those asking. Its important for us to move as one: As Colin Andrews said at
the same gathering "We the people draw our line". Dr. Greer and Colin Andrews
presented ground breaking material at the CSETI conference on 22 October 2009 at
Rio Rico, Arizona: Stay tuned.

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Copyright 2009 Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Dr. Steven Greer announcing the
President Obama Briefing Papers at Rio
Rica. Copyright: Colin Andrews 2009.
The roof top venue at Rio Rico, on the US
Mexican border. Copyright: Lindy Tucker.
Dr. Steven Greer announcing his briefing documentation
for President Obama. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Dr. Lynne Kitei presents her research on
the Phoenix UFO events. Copyright:
Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews presenting evidence that
UFO, crop circles and other paranormal
experiences give us the 'answer'.
Copyright: Paola Harris.
Dr. Theodore Loder presentation on
advanced energy technologies.
Copyright: Colin Andrews.
The Vertitas Show with Mel Fabregas from Rio Rica
Copyright: Colin Andrews
A DVD of all the
presentations will be
made available by
Lasers strike into the night sky, some reaching
100 miles. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Hi Everyone:
On Monday evening during field work, I randomly was taking photos of the sky
during the break, feeling that something was still there, and after Trudy and I had
seen similar craft in the sky.  I got something interesting.  I enlarged the object,
which is in the middle of the darker photo and inverted it with a filter in the lighter
photo.  It looks like the remnants of either the tetrahedron or a boomerang-type.

Raven Nabusli

Also wanted to add my impressions about the amber craft we saw earlier that night.
At about 7:35, someone behind me (I don't know who it was) drew my attention to a
bright flashing red light in the northwest about 10 degrees above the horizon. It
was pretty dark by then, only a faint glow over the western horizon. The red light
turned out to be one of the surveillance drones that had been slowly circling the
I alerted Linda and Will to the red light. Just as we got up to get a better look,
suddenly and to the lower right of the drone, a bright amber light appeared. It was
more than just a light. It had definite shape that from my perspective looked like the
top half of a throat lozenge, flat on the bottom and rounded on top. I estimated it to
be about 2 - 3 miles from our position and approx. 1500 - 2000 feet altitude. At that
distance, the shape of the light seemed fairly large. I can't say for sure, but to me it
would have to have been about 100 to 150 feet across and maybe 30 - 40 feet
thick in the middle. It was quite brilliant and unambiguous. Anyone looking in that
direction would have seen it quite clearly. It remained illuminated for about a
second or so and quickly faded out. A couple seconds later, it reappeared a
degree or two to the right of its previous position. Just after it happened I thought
that maybe there were actually two craft. Again, exactly the same shape, color and
luminosity. If the drone or plane had detected it, there was no indication that it had.
It just kept flying toward us on the deck.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a near materialized craft. It was unlike
anything I've seen to date. I also recall seeing a small projection on the top of it.
Each time it faded out, it sort of collapsed in on itself as it disappeared. Definitely
anomalous.        Charlie Balogh.
One of numerous objects seen and photographed during the night sessions
Photograph taken Monday 26 October - Actual photo left - filter enhancements right. Copyright: Raven Nabulsi
Intense Military Surveillance During the Event.

From late afternoon into the early hours of the morning, unmarked military
helicopters and drones hovered very close to the resort where the conference was

At around 5.0 PM an unmarked army helicopter with helmeted personnel pointing
what was believed to be a large lens or other equipment towards the roof top table
in the restaurant area where Dr. Steven Greer with Emily, Dr. Ted Loder and
Bobbie, Colin Andrews and Dr. Synthia Andrews were sat having dinner. The craft
came within feet of their position. Shorty afterwards slow moving drones also flew
around all sides of the hotel.

It was quite a night during which time uniformed army border patrol personnel who
were booked into rooms either side of Dr. Greer, Colin Andrews and Dr. Loader's
rooms were seen leaving the complex and jumping into private vehicles in the
parking lot of the resort. Another individual ran out of the grounds when he was
approached by Greer and Andrews security guards. It was action packed on the
ground and in the sky - keeping in mind the resort is within a few miles of the
Mexican - US border and military patrols are to be expected but even the locals and
hotel management said this was exceptional.
November 8