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I usually have a rather jaundiced view of UFO “contactee” claims,
regardless of the country in which the claim is made, but there’s
something about the story told by Prof. Rodolfo Paredes (in the report
provided by Prof. Ana Luisa Cid) that triggered a recollection. Whether or
not Paredes is really in contact with “beings from Jupiter” is debatable, but
the fact that they endeavor to make contact through his radio signal – it is
unclear if Prof. Cid meant a “ham radio” frequency or something else – is
very interesting. In the late 1970s, Puerto Rican UFO researcher Orlando
Rimax played a recording of an alleged alien transmission on his Otros
Mundos broadcast, which aired every Sunday morning in the city of San
Juan. The recording could have been a hoax, naturally, but the heavily
distorted voice of a being calling itself “Omicron” was definitely disturbing.
It had a quality often associated with recorded sounds involving hauntings
and paranormal goings-on, even though the entity professed an
interplanetary origin, and they always do.

Back in 2003 I penned an article entitled “Spirit of the Radio” in which I
discussed these broadcasts from allegedly non-human sources:

“The purported space entity [meaning Omicron, from Rimax’s 1977 radio
program] had been picked up by a ham radio operation and it seemed to
be taking a great deal of time establishing its non-human bona fides.
Intrusions such as this one appear to be frequent in contactee circles;
they are often dismissed as hoaxes, but they are nonetheless intriguing.
In the latest reissue of George Hunt Williamson's classic contactee work
"Other Flesh, Other Voices", UFO author and publisher Timothy Green
Beckley makes the interesting note that Williamson was a ham operator
"who claimed contact with extraterrestrial beings who were continually
broadcasting messages from spaceships circling in the Earth's uppermost
In the late 1970s, Puerto Rican UFO researcher Orlando
Rimax played a recording of an alleged alien transmission
In January 1971, a call-in show on Greater London Radio
received a call from "a cold, metallic voice" claiming an
extraterrestrial origin.
“Alleged TV and Radio Broadcasts from Space, an Internet document
written by Jon Hurst, provides transatlantic equivalents to incidents similar
to the "Omicron" transmission. In January 1971, a call-in show on Greater
London Radio received a call from "a cold, metallic voice" claiming an
extraterrestrial origin. The voice, which did not give itself a name, said it
was "speaking by thought�transference guided by computer" and
imparted the usual patter about the difficulties of life on Earth and
humanity's unwillingness to forsake its primitive ways. When asked by the
program's host if it was possible to humans to see the interstellar
interlocutor, it replied that it was "possible to assume human appearance"
for a specific number of minutes.

“The ubiquitous Ashtar Command, a source of "space brother" wisdom for
many decades, apparently transcended wireless to appear on the small
screen. The Command hijacked a number of transmitters belonging to the
Southern ITV network at 5:12 p.m. on November 26, 1977, broadcasting
its message directly over a news broadcast. The network appears to have
been unaware of the problem at the time, or completely unable to correct
it. "Possibly," writes Hurst, "this was because the source of the overriding
signal was not terrestrial in nature."

“The message went on for a little over five minutes, and contained a
familiar warning: "We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and
your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course
you must take to avoid the disasters which threaten your world, and the
beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in
the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius.
The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race,
but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can
overshadow their judgments."

Putting the New Age aside for a moment, it is nonetheless interesting that
radio is somehow permeable to these entities. It remains to be seen if
contemporary means of communication (iPhones, Blackberries, cell
phones) are equally prone to manipulation.

One of the most intriguing on-going situations in South American ufology
involves the activities of a group calling itself “Friendship”, hailing from
one of the many islands of the Chonos Archipelago and variously
associated with UFO aliens, interdimensional beings, holdovers from Nazi
Germany and meddlesome CIA agents, depending on who’s writing the
article. In 1984, a ham radio operator of by the name of Octavio Ortiz, a
married resident of Santiago de Chile and proud owner of a 27 megacycle
CB base station with which he talks to DXers all over the world, became
the protagonist of a drama that unfolds to this very day. That year, Ortiz
received a distress call from a vessel that claimed to be ensnared by a
mysterious light that was playing havoc with the ship's electronics. The
light--an unknown craft--descended even lower over the vessel.
Bewildered, Ortiz offered to retransmit messages to the authorities of the
port of Iquique on behalf of the ship's master.

As a result of this, Ortiz struck up a friendship with the ship's master, a
man named Alberto, who told him that he had been recruited by
mysterious "gringos" to ferry equipment and supplies to their mysterious
island. These elusive northerners described themselves as a
"congregation" and dubbed themselves and their island "Friendship".

Octavio Ortiz would eventually have the chance to speak directly over his
ham radio with one "Ariel", one of the strange members of the Friendship.
In an interview with Spanish journalist and broadcaster Josep Guijarro,
Ortiz explained that whenever "Ariel" speaks to him over the ham radio,
the needles on his equipment jump, indicating that a transmitter of
enormous power is being employed. Nor is Ortiz the only one to speak
with this entity: his wife Cristina boldly asked "Ariel" where he and his
group came from. The voice replied that they were "not of this world, but
belonged to Humankind."

In August 1985, little over a year since Ortiz relayed the message from the
vessel besieged by the strange craft, a shining object appeared in the
early afternoon over their home in Santiago. According to their testimony,
a voice on the ham radio bade them to "Come out! come out!" After doing
so and talking to "Ariel" on the ham radio, they realized that the UFO was
an object remotely controlled by the mysterious Friendship.

According to Guijarro, renowned ufologist Jorge E. Anfruns made note of
a highly important detail: "Some of the ham operators were phoning the
newspapers to report interference with their sophisticated equipment."
Proof that strange cabal actually controlled the saucer? The Ortiz family
believes that the object was not remotely controlled, but that their friend
"Ariel" was actually aboard it.

More could be said about this bizarre sect of humans who possess
advanced technology or aliens who claim some sort of kinship with our
species, but it goes far beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say
that the Chilean Navy appears to have been aware for many years of the
radio interference and problems caused by the strange objects operating
in the vicinity of the Chonos islands. Josep Guijarro received a letter from
a man who served five years in at a naval radio station in Puerto Montt,
stating: "We were sick of these devils, who often jammed our
communications with immensely powerful high-tech distorting equipment,
which on occasions even produced invisible barriers surrounding all of the
Taitao Peninsula and left all boats, including the Navy, bereft of

Delving further into the highly complex “Friendship” situation takes us
away from the original issue: are non-humans presently reaching out to a
Mexican “contactee” through radio, as Prof. Cid’s report suggests? Until
further information is received from Rafael Oceguera, who is currently
researching and documenting the case, this question remains open.
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