Press Release                        2009 PRG Awards                            April 27, 2009

Bethesda, MD/Washington, DC -  Six individuals received PRG Awards at the fifth
X-Conference (Exopolitics Expo) held last weekend at the Hilton Gaithersburg, MD.  
These awards are given to those who have made significant contributions toward the
scientific and political resolution of the UFO/ET question.

The X-Conference focuses on the political, governmental and social implications of
extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  It is produced by PRG in the Washington, DC
metro area as part of an ongoing activist effort seeking to end a government imposed
truth embargo on the formal acknowledgement by the U. S. government of an
extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure.

The PRG Awards are for Political Courage, Journalistic Courage, Intellectual Courage,
Lifetime Achievement (posthumous), Lifetime Achievement (living), Disclosure.   The
2009 Awards are as follows:

Political Courage: Center for American Progress founder and CEO John D.
for his support of the Disclosure process during an era of extreme partisan
politics.  He assisted President Clinton's limited efforts during the first term to respond
to the Rockefeller Initiative.  In 2002 and 2003 he called for the release of all UFO
related documents in government hands and supported the fledgling Coalition for
Freedom of Information.  He has counseled the new administration in favor of open,
transparent government and just released a statement in support of Dr. Edgar
Mitchell's call for the new president to end the UFO/ET truth embargo.  
recipients include:  former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer,
Phoenix councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood, President Jimmy Carter, and
the late New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff.]

Journalistic Courage:  television journalist George Knapp for two decades of
coverage of the UFO/ET issue while anchoring the news desk at KLAS TV in Las
 [Past recipients include: Coast to Coast AM host George Noory,
Antonio Huneeus (Chile), Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter Billy Cox, Jaime
Maussan (Mexico), and White House correspondent Sarah McClendon.]

Intellectual Courage: Exopolitics Institute founder Dr. Michael Salla for his refusal
to abandon his work in developing the field of exopolitics in the face of losing his
academic career standing (he did), his job (he did), and his work status in the United
States (he did).
[The past recipient is the author of Abduction: Human
Encounters with Aliens and founder of the Program for Extraordinary
Experience Research the late Dr. John E. Mack.]

Lifetime Achievement (posthumous): Mercury Astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper for
his career as a space pioneer and two decade effort to raise the issue of an
extraterrestrial presence with the American people, the media and the United Nations.  
[Past recipients include: Laurance S. Rockefeller, Major Donald Keyhoe, Dr.
James E. McDonald and Dr. J. Allen Hynek.]

Lifetime Achievement (living): researcher Colin Andrews for 25 years of research
into and writing about perhaps the most provocative phenomenon in the world today -
crop circles.  
[Past recipients include:  Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Alfred L. Webre,
Walter Andrus, Jr., and Stanton J. Friedman.]
Disclosure:  Former Ministry of Defence Senior Executive Officer Nick Pope for his
open engagement of the UFO/ET issue while working for the British government and
as a private citizen.  
[Past recipients include: Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr., Capt.
Robert Salas (USAF ret.), the late Monsignor Corrado Balducci, and the late Lt.
Col. Philip J. Corso.]

Full PRG Award information can be found at:

Contact:  Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Left to right: Sergio Lub, Colin Andrews, Nick Pope with Jackie, Michael Salla,
CNN Anchor Cheryl Jones, Steve Bassett.  Copyright: William Corbin 2009
Colin accepting his award with some words to the bevvy of CIA agents present: " Not everyone in this room seem to
be on the same side.  My suggestion to those people present is to return to Headquarters and have your bosses work
with us on this issue". Copyright William Corbin 2009.
Colin with Nick Pope, former head of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence
UFO Project after the awards.  Nick and Colin presented different sides of the
Official U.K. position surrounding the crop circles and UFO subject's. Copyright
William Corbin 2009.
E-book and printed book available
Colin Andrews setting out some of his evidence seen in his new book 'Government Circles'. This has caused
the author of the British Ministry of Defence's official position statement on crop circles and Ufo's to withdraw
much of it during a live BBC radio program with Andrews just days after this presentation and the same day
launch of his book. Photos Copyright: Jim Boka.
Steve Bassett of Paradigm Research Group presenting the Life Time Achievement
Award to Colin Andrews. Copyright: Jim Boka
The 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award
(living): researcher Colin Andrews for 25 years of research into and
writing about perhaps the most provocative phenomenon in the
world today - crop circles.  [Past recipients include:  Dr. Edgar
Mitchell, Alfred L. Webre, Walter Andrus, Jr., and Stanton J.

Colin Andrews - Die britische Regierung und Kornkreise from on Vimeo.

Colin's Presentation at the Washington D.C. Expopolitics - Paradigm Research Group Conference.