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Colin Andrews and Dr. Simeon Hein with a team attended a meeting in Wales,
arranged by
Phil Hoyle with important eye witnesses to three UFO incidents. One
involved a policeman who reported a 9 feet tall 'Spaceman' the same night Joyce
Bowles and Ted Pratt encountered several 'Tall Beings' near Winchester which is  
less than 100 miles away in England.
Colin (far left) with Dr. Simeon Hein (front left) and team, listen and interview three important
witnesses with Phil Hoyle (right, opposite Colin) - The meeting was held in the Memorial Hall,
Presteigne, Wales on Saturday 24th July, 2010.
Copyright: Dr. Synthia Andrews.
Saturday morning (July 24) was an early start to a meeting I had arranged with Phil Hoyle, the
primary researcher investigating increasing numbers of UFO reports in Wales. Synthia and I left
Andover in Hampshire and headed to Marlborough in Wiltshire to collect the group with Dr. Simeon
Hein and Busty Taylor. We drove in convoy to Presteigne, central south Wales where people have
been experiencing a wide range of events, including farmers seeing lights and beams both above
and inside their fields at night, followed by dead and mutilated sheep. The reports seem to follow
the classic animal mutilation scenarios that have occurred in many countries, especially the United
States. Phil graciously agreed to my request to set up a meeting with some of the eyewitnesses.

Assembled in the town’s Memorial Hall was Bill (surname withheld), a retired Aerospace Engineer,
Doris Matthews, a housewife and Ken (surname withheld), a retired police officer, each with an
extraordinary experience to share. Joining us were my long time friend and researcher Paul
Anderson, and Philip Goodyear, a CSETI (UK) member who had just left Dr. Steven Greer (now on
his way back to the USA).

Phil Hoyle gave us general background to the range of experiences reported in the vicinity around
Radnor Forest and a little beyond before introducing the eyewitnesses. He explained that another
important witness who was planning to attend was unable to at the last moment; this was one of the
farmers who had observed the lights in his fields and found mutilated sheep on his farm

We spent several hours listening to, and asking questions of, the witnesses.
Bill, an aerospace engineer and manager, spoke of a lifelong interest in the sky and space in
general after his father had an unusual sighting when Bill was a child. With a 360 degree view from
his home on a hillside at Builth Wells, Powys, Wales, Bill made it his practice to end each day
looking into the dark night sky. Apart from aircraft and satellites, he saw nothing unusual until the
1st June, 2009, when, during his usual evening survey, he was shocked to see a large white
Left to Right: Retired policeman Ken (full name withheld), Doris Matthews, Phil Hoyle
Animal Pathology Field Unit) and Bill (full name withheld) a retired Aerospace engineer and
. Copyright: Colin Andrews 2010.
Artist Wayne Mason's impression of the three 'Tall Beings' reported by another policeman next to
Silbury Hill during July 2009.
Copyright: Photo, Colin Andrews. Artwork, Wayne Mason 2010.