Posted: March 18, 2009
'Drop hacker case'
The young man who hacked into US Government
computers to find UFO secrets (and found some).
- Terry Waite

Human rights campaigner and former hostage Terry Waite has called
on the US to drop charges against British computer hacker Gary

Glasgow-born Mr McKinnon, 42, from Wood Green, north London,
faces up to 70 years in prison if found guilty in the US of breaking into
military computers.

He has Asperger's Syndrome and claims he was looking for details of

Mr Waite, a hostage in Lebanon for four years, called the motives
"harmless" and said "common sense" was needed.

He said the Pentagon ought to thank the self-confessed hacker for
"exposing" the vulnerability of its computer security.

Mr Waite said Mr McKinnon's illness, a form of autism, made him
"irrationally obsessive" and added that it was a waste of time to
pursue him.

"No nation under the sun ought to convict an individual whose
behaviour is occasioned by illness," he said.

"Gary is clearly a very clever chap.

"He has that unique ability to find his way through the internet jungle
and enter the inner recesses of the Pentagon. Full marks for his

"Was Gary a spy? Was he attempting to bring down the mighty
military force of the USA? As far as I know he was not. He was simply
looking for little green men.

"Anyone who has the slightest acquaintance with [Asperger's
Syndrome] will know that while the sufferer can be, and indeed often
is, brilliant in certain logical processes they can become irrationally
obsessive in other directions."

However, Mr Waite - who was kidnapped in Lebanon in 1987 - said he
supported the efforts of the authorities to "track down and stop illegal
activity" on the web.

Mr McKinnon's lawyers have appealed for him to be prosecuted in the
UK on lesser charges, but the CPS said the best place for the case to
be heard was the US.

In total, he hacked into 97 government computers belonging to
organisations including the US Navy and Nasa during 2001 and 2002.

The US government says this caused damage costing $800,000
(£550,000) at a time of heightened security in the wake of the 11
September 2001 terror attacks.

Mr McKinnon, who was arrested by British police in 2002, has already
appealed unsuccessfully to the House of Lords and the European
Court of Human Rights to avoid extradition.

His battle now rests on a judicial review of the government's decision
to extradite him. His lawyers have claimed he is at risk of suicide if
New UFO secrets are revealed in Ministry of
Defence files. Release of classified documents
sheds light on infamous 'alien' encounters.
The Observer Newspaper, Great Britain.

The Norfolk woman who claimed she was approached by a man who
said he came from another planet similar to Earth was questioned by
the MoD intelligence branch DI55, whose brief was to investigate
credible UFO reports.

She told them that, during their 10-minute chat, the man said his race
was responsible for creating
crop circles and explained the
importance of contact between humans and his own people.

Multi millionaire supports Gary HERE
Courageous Tony Dodd has passed away.
Posted: March 25, 2009

Two police officers in UK encounter UFO
(Tony Dodd's sighting)
Date:December 12, 1978 Location:Skipton, North Yorkshire, United
Summary: At 4:30 a.m., a lonely police patrol car was driving on a
remote country road along the Cononley Moor. In the car were Sgt.
Anthony Dodd and Constable Alan Dale. They saw a bright white
light that seemed......................Tony's passing and UFO case HERE.
Edgar Mitchell announces we are being visited
by extraterrestrials. Things are about to Rock &
Roll on the UFO subject.
Posted: April 22, 2009
By Colin Andrews

I have had the honor of spending the last two weeks with Edgar Mitchell. Last
week in New York we both made presentation to the Friends of the Institute of
Noetic Sciences, founded by Edgar.  This last four days we presented, along
with many other International researchers at the Paradigm Research Group,
X-Conference organized by Steve Bassett just outside Washington D.C. I was
taken totally by surprise to be presented with 'The Life Time Achievement
Award' by Steve Bassett and CNN anchor Cheryll Jones during the banquet.  

The event was well attended by the US intelligence community, mainly CIA,
faces I know from years past. We also had in our ranks Crnl John
................GO HERE
Colin Andrews and Edgar Mitchell at FIONS in New York.
USAF Pilot was ordered to fire at a UFO in U.K.
airspace! - This matter surely had significant
'Defence Implications'?
In depth report compiled by DAVID CAYTON.

Featuring the detailed first-hand personal account by the pilot concerned.


One night, at the height of the ‘Cold War’ in 1957, two USAF jet fighter aircraft
which were on QRA stand-by (Quick Reaction Alert) at RAF Manston, were
scrambled to intercept an ‘intruder’ which had flown into the U.K. airspace
whilst being constantly monitored by ground based radar systems. Clearly,
the ‘intruder’ was recognised as NOT a Soviet aircraft of any description,
presumably by its unusual flight manoeuvres and characteristics. In fact at
one point it was actually stationary for a long period over the Ipswich area!
Normally, one would hope and expect that our defence systems would not
allow an unfriendly aircraft to penetrate that far inland before being
intercepted and ‘escorted’ back across out of our territory!...................Full
2009 PRG Awards                                                 April 27, 2009

Bethesda, MD/Washington, DC -  Six individuals
received PRG Awards at the fifth X-Conference
(Exopolitics Expo) held last weekend at the
Hilton Gaithersburg, MD.
 These awards are given to
those who have made significant contributions toward the
scientific and political resolution of the UFO/ET question.
British Government secretly studies crop circles
& UFO connection
April 18, 6:36 AM.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
By Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Updated article :
Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new
pages of previously classified documents.
May 4, 2009

Another large scale release of documents and photographs have
been released.  A full report with the files and details from Prof. A.J.
Prof. Frank Drake the pioneer of S.E.T.I. is
interviewed about crop circles and Colin Andrews
responds, also Michael Salla Ph.D. from Exopolitics.

Drake: "What I do know is that they are intelligent because
somehow they got to EARTH... and they would not communicate in
this ridiculous way.!

Andrews:"I dont believe there will be a signal of any kind
because ET is already here, right under SETI's noses and are
interacting and influencing earth events, by means of some crop
circles and even some political events"......full article select
heading above.
Interesting NASA Footage
Crop Circles, Government Lines and SETI        
Written by davID`
Exopolitics UK:     
Tuesday, 09 June 2009

This article features a response by British researcher Colin
Andrews, now living in the USA, to the questions posed to
Professor Frank Drake who was instrumental in creating S.E.T.I.
This focuses on his reaction to the infamous Chilbolton crop
formation which was linked to the Arecibo radio array in Central

In addition a second video courtesy of the 2009 X-Conference
and produced by Exopolitics Germany and Denmark can be
seen here covering Colin's recent lecture which is based on his
recent book 'Government Circles'. Colin's revelations - based on
testimony and documents from the last couple of decades -
shines an interesting light on the extent of UK state inolvement in
both crop circles and the wider UFO arena. Read on for more...
Disclosure Project - Founder to Speak in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville area resident, Steven M. Greer MD, founder and
director of The Disclosure Project ( will be
speaking in Charlottesville at the Dickinson Fine and Performing Arts
Center at Piedmont Virginia Community College on Friday, July 10,
2009 from 7:30 to 10:00 pm.

Dr. Greer launched the world-wide Disclosure movement to end UFO
secrecy and is currently advising members of Congress, foreign
heads of state, and figures very close to the Obama Administration on
how to best control currently illegal classified projects related to UFOs.
These projects, which are embedded within a number of military,
intelligence and corporate operations, have been managed without
the oversight of Congress or the President of the United States since
at least the late 1950s.

At his keynote address in Denver on June 18, 2009, Dr. Greer will
review past briefings with world leaders and .........
CSETI Member Contact - Australia 2001
Its the 40th Anniversary of man stepping onto the Moon
and we are headed back to find a new home.
Posted 20 April 2009.

NASA announce the program to put man back on the moon. Its been
a NASA last few weeks for me.

In this
article: Ed Bruno (NASA) - Edgar Mitchell - and Pat Delgado.
Uruguay Declassify UFO Records.
Posted 22 June 2009.
Daniel Iglesias reports:

The UFO phenomenon has manifested itself many times in Uruguay,
South America. The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) high command has
declassified its files and allowed EL PAIS (The National Newspaper) to
access its UFO records and eyewitness accounts.............
UFO People, We Have a Problem
By Busty Taylor

I went to Stonehenge this morning for the  Summer Solstice and got a

We parked the car In Amesbury and  we started to walked the 2 miles
to the stones, About half a mile from the Henge, Maria asked me what
the Red and Green lights  over Stonehenge where doing there, I
looked and sure enough, the two lights went from the west to the east
and then back again. I said that it must be a plane about 2 miles out
due the fact that there is a no fly zone over Stonehenge during the

About 15 minutes later , we are now in Stonehenge with about 30.000
others waiting to see if the Sun would show through the clouds, no joy,
and then I saw the lights again moving much slower this time, and they
just STOPPED in mid air and stayed there, rock steady, no wobble are
movement in any direction........................
Colin Andrews One-Two Punch and New Book Creates a
Firestorm. As a Result the Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope
Withdraws Much of the Official Government Statement on
Crop Circles and UFOs. (listen to tape)

Colin Andrews delivered his first punch in New York last month at the
Institute of Noetic Sciences, when he disputed the British
Governments official statement regards involvement of the Ministry of
Defence in crop circle and Ufo research. Andrews showed
documentary evidence from his new book 'Government Circles' that they lied
and consistently.

Punch two came in Washington D.C. days later during a powerful
presentation at the X-Conference where additional indisputable evidence was
shown in the presence of the original government author, Nick Pope.

A few days after the Washington event, on May 3rd,
Andrews appeared
live on BBC radio (
read full story and hear tape) with Nick Pope where
during heavy questioning, Pope admitted that Andrews was right and
effectively withdraw much of his original government statement. The actual
government position and involvement, as shown by
Strange Object captured in photograph - Scotland.

The photograph was sent to me by Alex Stanbridge who is asking for thoughts
and opinions?  When enlarged the disc shaped object does appear to have cut an
interference wave either side of its route through the cloud.  See
An affront to British justice: Gagged, the MPs who
want to support Gary McKinnon
By James Slack and Ian Drury
Last updated at 11:38 PM on 09th July 2009

House of Commons officials have been accused of 'gagging' MPs
who want to speak in support of autistic Gary McKinnon.

They banned a motion yesterday that urged the Government to halt
the extradition of the Asperger's sufferer to the U.S, where he faces
60 years in jail for hacking into Nasa and Pentagon computers.

But less than 48 hours earlier the same officials, who are
answerable to Speaker John Bercow, had been happy to allow MPs
to sign the motion in support for the Mail's campaign to get justice
for Gary…………
The second amazing footage of small orbs being
ejected from an unidentified object over Mexico City.

May 22, 2009.
Courtesy of UFO Casebook.
Purchase the Presentation made in Washington D.C.
Where Colin Andrews puts right the U.K. Ministry of
Defense Statement about Crop Circles Research.  A
Very Important Historical Record. Here is the Evidence
They Did Not Want You To See.
UFO - Continued