July 5, 2009

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High) has been issued for the first time since it was devised in 1989
following the
Cheesefoot Head incident.

The alert is intended to inform the research fraternity and the public that three key ingredients of a paradigm change
have come into play.

The first ingredient being coherence from intuitive s that significant potential for paradigm shift exists + high quality
unexplained phenomena are taking place... (
Example: High quality UFO activity or high quality crop circle discoveries
with unexplained features which can not currently be accounted for and are evolving rapidly)


Independent scientific data agrees with the data assessed to be contained within at least one high quality unexplained
event such as a crop circle...
(Example: NASA data shows Solar flare ejection field, hitting earth on the same day as
suggested by a crop circle communication)


Evidence exists that there is no possibility of collusion between these essential elements.

Some of the new postings below show events in the past few days which have caused this alert to be issued. This is
the first time in ten years that the top alert level has been issued and any future alerts will only be issued on the very
best available data. See
New Postings for current events - stay tuned next 48-60 hours.

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level:
Issued when intuitive consensus  + Unexplained Phenomenon agrees
with Scientific prediction = Possibility of various profound events.
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Police Sergeant reports seeing three very tall blond haired beings - Silbury Hill.

                          A very significant
event has occurred:

This location is no stranger to bizarre reports, the latest at 5.0 AM on the 6th July 2009, opposite
Silbury Hill and a few hundred yards to its south west, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.

This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear
scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before
they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing
time.  Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later. A full
account is held in CPR Archive.

This is also the site of a secret military survellance during the same week as the 1990 Operation
Blackbird. It was over these fields that the army filmed a large unidentified white orb.

CPR has a number of very similar reports of entities in this exact field and those next door and will
publish a full article in August when the details are fully know of the latest incident.

The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (6th) at approximately 5.0 AM, when a
Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving in his private car towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and
about to pass Silbury Hill on his left.  He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall
beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July.  He stopped his vehicle
and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd.  Each of them were well
over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suites, with
hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads.
After a few minutes watching them, he said they were appeared to be examining the crop in the
circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him.  As soon as
he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away
from Silbury Hill.  He said I recognised that I could never catch up with them they ran so
exceptionally fast.  He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had
completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene.

The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him.  
He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of
sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.

He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on
and he could not shake it off all day.

The Police/Silbury Ground research being done by Andrew Russell:
Time this report posted: 12.55 am US eastern - 8 July 2009. (Awaiting further interview)

What was it that showed up near the Sun on the day of the predicted Solar
Flare ?  By Prof. Michael Salla, Ph.D  
Copyright: Steve Alexander
The A4 highway can be seen running across the
photograph, just below Silbury Hill.
The Crop Circle Connector for constant 2009 updates.
46. England
Near Avebury, Wiltshire.
Copyright: John Montgomery.
The design below is in the
field adjacent to the design
where this incident took place
on the 6th. The design here
according to some research
indicates a
solar event to
occur on the 7th July, which
did in fact materialize.
The incident above took place on the day indicated by Unexplained
Phenomana Alert level 10 -  It was issued and posted on this site, 5th July.
Images removed by request
1 Sept, 2018
                                UPDATE - 11 JULY 2009

Colin Andrews


Following the report on Monday ( 6th July) by a police sergeant of three extremely tall beings he
witnessed in a field near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England and the posting on this website
( http://www.colinandrews.net/UnexplainedPhenomenaAlert.html  ), I have received several other
reports, and I encourage others who have information to also please contact me.

One report is extraordinary and allegedly received the immediate attention, of a government
organization to the home of the witness.  I asked for written details about this exceptional (and
some what scary) case and received those details last night. I will not be making any further public
statement about the details until they can be fully verified, only to say this:

I trust my source in Washington DC implicitly and he trusts the originating source but to get to the
bottom of it, I am going to have to do some leg work, best done quietly. The witness claims to have
had a very close encounter with a 8-9 feet tall being, north of Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, England .
He was visited by three government officers (details with me) who produced a book of sketches of
different ET beings and ask the witness which one he had seen. At least two agencies were
allegedly involved which should help verify this case. Full details later.

A second report was sent to me also yesterday by a woman driving the A4 (the highway that runs
east-west next to Silbury Hill), and was driving on the east side of Marlborough, Wiltshire when she
estimates a 7-8 feet tall being came out of a gateway from a field and jumped back as the car
passed - His head appeared triangular shape. The latter incident took place three years ago. I
have details of the exact location etc, which will be posted as part of a much more extensive report
including other similar reports later.

I will pursue the first incident that involved several government agencies when I arrive in England
next week. On the face of it, the three officers from one of these agencies revealed by their
actions, that the government knows much more about these beings than they have so far
declared under the new open policy surrounding the UFO subject. (See my latest book
Government Circles.)

Colin Andrews                                        
11 July 2009

Full report about the photos above on the Exopolitics UK site:
This alert was issued on the 5th July, 2009 and indicated a much higher than normal possibility of Unexplained
Phenomenon taking place on the 7th July in the area of Silbury Hill/Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England.  The alert was
developed following a strange entity and sound phenomenon which was witnessed at
Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire
in 1989. It is unapproved by the UK government .
14th July 2009 - Important Update - New Report: Also Armed Police Arrest a Farmer for Shooting over
the Heads of Crop Circle Visitors - Click
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On a small planet like ours and distance seemingly meaning little or nothing to beings and craft
that defy all the physics we have come to understand in this reality - could a quite separate this
time talk of clicking sounds and a very strange object simply disappearing.  The account is
again every bit as bizarre as the police sergeants at Silbury Hill.
Letters Received HERE

I have received several e-mails
which refer to the fact that the
crop circle that the policeman
refers to can not be seen from
the highway.

This apparent discrepancy has
been addressed in a new
interview with the officer

Andrew Pyrka took a series of
photographs in the Ying Yang
crop formation and has
captured a person in black,
and an object that he would
like help identifying.
Approximately 30 miles south east of Silbuiry Hill in the City center of Winchester, Hampshire a
very reputable town councillor witnessed a humanoid during 2005. Seen by many other witnesses.