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   June 26, 2009 - Guilford, Connecticut.  Copyright: Colin Andrews.
The leading edge of the super-cell storm
as it approached Guilford, Connecticut.
Copyright: Colin Andrews.
The departing scene at sunset on the edge of a super-cell Thunderstorm at our farm - Guilford, CT. Evidence of a
'new' variety of cloud being seen around the world and officially unclassified by meteorologists.  There is
considerable debate about what causes them and why they are new to us.  The storm dropped 2" hail in parts of
the area as well as prolific lightning and one town Wethersfield looked like a war zone, after a microburst or
tornado had snapped of trees and downed electricity wires.

The anvil head at the front of the storm was estimated by radar as 67,000 feet with rain and hail falling up to 8
miles through the lower atmosphere.  Some storm.  Colin.
Severe Storm June 26, 2009
Footage from Connecticut resident
Tornado Touched Down In Wethersfield Town, Connecticut
Declared A Disaster Area

POSTED: 2:05 pm EDT June 27, 2009
UPDATED: 12:22 am EDT June 28, 2009


WETHERSFIELD, Conn. -- The National Weather Service confirmed Saturday that an F1 tornado
touched down Friday evening in Wethersfield.

Members of the National Weather Service surveyed damage in Wethersfield and Farmington Sunday
and said damage in towns surrounding Hartford was caused by straight-line winds, but that a narrow
tornado had formed in Wethersfield.

The NWS said winds in the town reached speeds between 85 and 100 MPH. A full report was expected
to be released on Sunday.

Moderate damage is associated with tornadoes measuring F1 on the Fujita scale, which goes to F5.

The town's mayor called Wethersfield a disaster area on Saturday.

“We know the damage is extensive, said Mayor Andrew Adil. “There are seven houses uninhabitable
and 70 damaged – that doesn’t include cars and personal property.”

Department of Homeland Security officials also toured the town on Saturday, which is the first step for
the town to try and receive federal aid for affected families.

Town officials said 5,000 electrical customers were in the dark Saturday morning and could remain
without power until the evening.

Town officials asked people to avoid coming to the town on Saturday and Sunday and said many
businesses were closed. The DMV and the town library were also closed on Saturday.

Residents were asked to remain inside their homes if it was safe to do so.

The strong storms caused a tree to fall on a home at the corner of Church and Garden streets, slicing
it in two. A crowd of people had gathered at the home Friday night and all expressed shock.

“I just walked up here and started crying for these people,” said Paul Gulino, of Wethersfield.
Wethersfield resident Doug Otis said he’s grateful the tornado didn’t damage his house.

“Trees are everywhere, it’s just amazing because I have never seen anything like this before,” he said.

During the height of the storm, strong winds whipped through the state and golf-ball sized hail poured
from the sky.

Businesses were left without power on the Silas Deane Highway, including Connecticut Outfitters,
which suffered some of the worst damage. The wind and hail took out four front windows.

“If you go around the building, there’s glass blown 100 feet in every direction,” said Blain Anderson of
Connecticut Outfitters. “We had to rush all customers to the back of the store. Went to the front, it’s
absolutely annihilated.”

Damage was also extensive across Farmington, where trees knocked down power lines and caused
Route 4 to remain closed overnight.

Trees were also uprooted in Glastonbury and East Hartford. An East Hartford home on Overlook Drive
suffered fire damage.

“When this tree split, it fell on power lines, the live wires sparked the fire, melting away the siding,” said
neighbor Eric McFarland.

Thousands of residents across the state remained in the dark on Saturday, with Connecticut Light &
Power reporting nearly 20,000 customers without power at 2 p.m. Wethersfield and Farmington were
the hardest hit by the outages.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 2009.
Supplied by the BBC weather centre: HERE
Local weather data - historic: HERE.
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Supercell Thunderstorm Hits Connecticut
June 26, 2009
By Colin Andrews