Just as unwanted interference signals appear on Australian weather
radar, NASA is to investigate unwanted signals causing Toyota and
other motor cars to suddenly accelerate - The Toyota problem might
not be quite as straight forward as first thought. Are external signals
instructing the computers?
By Colin Andrews - Posted April 5, 2010.

NASA to join investigation of Toyota's car problems
By KEN THOMAS • Associated Press • March 31, 2010

WASHINGTON — NASA and the National Academy of Sciences are joining the
government's effort to figure out what caused the sudden acceleration problems that led
to Toyota's massive recalls.

NASA scientists with expertise in electronics will help the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration study potential electronic ties to unintended acceleration in Toyotas.
NASA's knowledge of electronics, computer hardware and software and hazard analysis
will ensure a comprehensive review, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Monday.
In a separate study, the National Academy of Sciences will examine unwanted
acceleration and electronic vehicle controls in cars from around the auto industry,
LaHood said. The National Academy is an independent organization chartered by
The academy study, expected to take 15 months, will review acceleration problems and
recommend how the government can ensure the safety of vehicle electronic control
systems. Full article select below................


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Strange interference signals began to show up as symbols on Australian weather radar
on January 15, 2010 and was first researched by Colin Andrews since that time:

It was nearly two and a half months after Colin Andrews started his research into this
mystery that the Australian and International media first picked up his work.
Australian Media Pick up on this story at last.
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Posted April 2, 2010.
Toyota and BoM on the same radar screen.
By Colin Andrews
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