Hit For Six by Hurricane Irene - Tenth Most Expensive
Catastrophe In American History.
By Colin Andrews
Posted when the lights came back on - September 2, 2011
Its been a very tough week for everyone in our region of Connecticut along the East coast of The
United States.

We lost nine large trees and numerous limbs on our property but the house and barn survived.
Nobody got hurt and our animals are fine also.  The only casualties and they are surviving too were
two baby flying squirrels that were in a nest in the 110 foot Brewster Pine tree next to the house that
was the first to crash down around 5.0 am on Sunday 28th August.

We lost electricity at 4.20 am and have been without until late yesterday.  A short report will follow but
for now here are a small selection of photographs I was able to take around the immediate area of
North Guilford, Guilford, Branford, Stony Creek and East Haven.

Approximately two million lost power and many are still waiting. The Hurricane eye moved over our
coast early Sunday morning the 28th and produced very heavy winds and rain.  That rain got even
worse as it reached Vermont to our north, cutting off towns and villages and washing away many
homes and bridges.

In our own area, most people lost trees and wires and homes were completely destroyed, as my
photos show.

We are watching a new Hurricane (Katia) over the southern Atlantic, currently forecast to follow a very
similar path up the east coast towards us - fingers crossed.
Below: Our Home, 'Swallowtail Farm' at first light and it was still blowing like crazy.
First Casualties - Flying Squirrels Nesting in the large Brewster Pine which was first to fall - all 110 feet of it.
By the time we had electricity back the brother and sister were doing noticeably well, thanks to Adriel and Richard, who have been feeding them every two hours
since they experienced the sudden drop to the ground. The parents and other young have not been found.
Tree on truck. Great Hill Road, Nth Guilford.
One of numerous trees on power lines along Great Hill Road, Nth Guilford.
Rte 77 Nth Guilford.
Left: Rte 77, Nth Guilford. Right is Guilford Harbor which was virtually destroyed. Below is the Restaurant Synthia and I had dinner that same night, hours before
the windows got pushed in and the ground floor flooded. Bottom right: Yacht blown into front of home at Stony Creek.
Homes completely destroyed in East Haven
Synthia's Practice in Guilford did not escape either - Everyone had trees down.
The Towns of Branford and Guilford Particularly Badly Hit - The Entire Towns Have Been Without Electricity. with Petrol Stations Closed, Food and Banks
Closed, Its Been Hard For Folks..
Branford shoreline, close to my Mother-in-law Suzie's home (Copyright: Branford Eagle)
Below left: Outside Suzie's home, surrounded by fallen trees and power lines. She is still without
electricity as I write. We have invited her and the family to out home for a picnic tomorrow (Saturday).
Copyright Colin Andrews
Copyright: Branford Eagle
Hurricane Katia which followed Irene missed by us by just 200 miles and headed across the Atlantic towards UK.
Hurricane Irene as it was accurately predicted - Bottom of page for new Hurricane Katia
East Haven, Connecticut - All copyright: Colin Andrews 2011
Tree on car, Branford.
Colin's Mother-in-law Suzie Ramsby in hard hit Branford was  without electricity for a week.
Flood surge from Long Island Sound took a bad toll on East Haven.
Rte 1, Branford.
Homes destroyed, East Haven.
East Haven
This property at Grass Hill, Madison is what was left after the sea took the rest during the storm. This property is on the opposite side of the street from
where Synthia and the girls used to live.