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Trophy Hunting and human killers
of treasured animals shame us all.
Updated August 1, 2015

American dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer is
one of the people who simply enjoys
killing animals.  The bigger and rarer
the better for the erection it seems to
give him.

This man paid $55,000 to kill this
beloved Lion ''Cecil'. This protected
dominant males has provided valuable
research information for a project
designed to study the effects of
poaching. This was done via an
electronic collar, fitted by Oxford

'Cecil' was deliberately lured/bated out
of his safe haven, his home and an
area where his safety was thought to
be assured by regulations that he
could not be shot.

When Cecil took the bait and entered
an area where he was fair game,
Palmer shot him with an arrow.

Cecil struggled to survive for 40 hours
until Palmer caught up with him and
finished him off with a gun.  

The Lion who was father of more than
a dozen cubs who are now at risk of
death themselves by his absence, was
then beheaded to make a wall trophy
for Dr. Walter Palmber.

Its hard for me to believe that at a time
when some of these exotic creatures
are now in serious threat of extinction,
would continue to carry on like this.
These boys and their thrill toys, these
guns and bows shows how much
education we need to do for these
fools to fit into a decent society.

I used to employ a lot of people and
during my many interviews with
prospective employees, I would always
ask if they had pets and if they liked
animals?.  What is in ones heart
speaks of who you are and for me I
have usually find myself liking people
who also like animals. Its incompatible
to be a nice person and be cruel to
other creatures.  That simple doesnt
woirk for me.

This Dentist cant be a 'nice person'
and a killer like this.

Whether we like animals or not, there
is no case ever for cruelty. NONE.

There is hope in that I am encouraged
by the outrage in the case of the killer
Dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer.

I saw this kind of angry inersia when
those lovelly innocent children and
staff were murdered by a man with a
military style assaulth weapon, but
while there has been diologue we still
dont see community settled and
secure in its own skin.

Much to do and try we will.

Colin Andrews
July 31, 2015
Beloved 'Cecil' the Lion is dead - killed by an idiot who had more money
($55k) than heart. - 10 cubs now also at risk.
Posted July 31, 2015
Colin Andrews

The Minnesota dentist who killed “Cecill the
Lion” in Zimbabwe wrote a letter of apology to
his patients Tuesday as a media firestorm
continued to grow and his online business
and social profiles were assailed with threats
and hate messages.
Walter James Palmer, who paid about
$50,000 to hunt the lion, used bait to lure the
13-year-old black-maned big cat out of
Hwange National Park in early July so he
could shoot it with a bow and arrow,
authorities said.
In the letter to his patients at River Bluff
Dental in Bloomington, Palmer again said he
did not know Cecil was a well-known lion who
had been collared for a study until he had
finished the hunt. He made the same claim in
a statement to the media eariler Tuesday.
“To my valued patients: As you may have
already heard, I have been in the news over
the last few days for reasons that have
nothing to do with my profession or the care I
provide for you,” he said in the message,
obtained by local Fox affiliate KMSP.
“I don’t often talk about hunting with my
patients because it can be a divisive and
emotionally charged topic. I understand and
respect that not everyone shares the same
views on hunting,” he wrote.
The letter repeats many  lines from his
Tuesday statement to the press, which was
printed in The Star Tribune.
Palmer said he hired local professional
guides, acquired all the necessary permits
for a legal big-game hunting trip and
promised to assist Zimbabwean or American
authorities with any questions, should he be
“The media interest in this matter — along
with a substantial number of comments and
calls from people who are angered by this
situation and by the practice of hunting in
general — has disrupted our business and
our ability to see our patients,” Palmer said.
“For that disruption, I apologize profoundly
for this inconvenience and promise you that
we will do our best to resume normal
operations as soon as possible.”
River Bluff Dental’s official website and
Facebook page have been taken down. The
business’ phone line has also been
Thousands of outraged citizens have flooded
the office’s Yelp page with angry messages
shaming Palmer for killing Cecil.
Charity Charamba, a spokeswoman for
Zimbabwean police, told The Associated
Press that the two Zimbabwean men who
allegedly helped lure Cecil out of its
protected area will appear in court. The
police are searching for Palmer, she added.
On Tuesday, a “We the People” petition was
launched on the official White House website
in hopes of extraditng Palmer to Zimbabwe so
he can face justice. It already has more than
66,000 signatures. (31st :now almost a
“Two of Palmer’s local accomplices are
already in custody. Zimbabwe authorities now
actively seeking Palmer in connection with
this incident,” the petition reads in part. “We
urge the Secretary Of State John Kerry and
the Attorney General Loretta Lynch to fully
cooperate with the Zimbabwe authorities and
to extradite Walter Palmer promptly at the
Zimbabwe government’s request.”

Jimmy Kimmel
This amazing Lion has been killed and now his ten cubs also at risk of dying.
Dr. Walter James Palmber of  River Bluff
Dental in Bloomington, Minnisota, USA
Above and below is part of the proud collection of kills by just one
Dr. Walter Palmer
Leopard for dentist and not to be left out>>
Another Lion
Brown Bear
Mountain Goat
Latest from CNN
Zimbabwe to U.S.: Extradite dentist over killing of
Cecil the lion

By Faith Karimi, Laura Smith-Spark and Michael
Martinez, CNN

Updated 1:22 PM ET, Fri July 31, 2015
Please help if you can
There are estimated
25,000 Lions left in
100 Elephants
are shot every
single day
One of my mission
statements is to
expose the
mistreatment of
animals -
A Statement from University Oxford (WildCRU)-
July 31, 2015

Cecil was one of our study lions. We had followed his movements in minute detail since 2008 –
these are remarkable data. Of course, as people devoted to wildlife, and having known Cecil
personally, we are deeply saddened by his death, and insofar as this happened allegedly
illegally we consider it deeply reprehensible (and we are working closely with the National Parks
authorities to support their meticulous work in prosecuting this case). We support all efforts to
prevent illegal and unscrupulous hunts.

Despite our sadness, as scientists, we seek to learn from this event, and to find some benefit
from it. A very important aspect of lion conservation is what we call the perturbation effect:
namely the cascading effects on the surviving lions of the death of one of them – in brief, we
have found that when a male lion is killed, because of the way their society works, a likely
consequence is the overthrow and death of other adult male members of his weakened coalition
(normally of brothers), and the subsequent infanticide of his cubs by the incoming new coalition
of males. We are working hard to study the consequences of Cecil's death on his pride and their
neighbours, so that we learn as much as possible. This requires hard work, manpower and
expensive equipment, as does our wider work on lion conservation in Zimbabwe and elsewhere
in Africa.

Cecil's apparently illegal death is tragic, but many people have asked us if any good can come
of it. First, it is amazing that this episode has heightened awareness of lion conservation
worldwide. Supporting conservation is the purpose of our work – conservation involves huge
challenges, both in the science and the practice, and we are deeply grateful for the public
interest and support. Second, people have asked if they can support our work through
donations – the answer is yes, urgently, and we rely entirely on philanthropy. Donations could
support the purchase of more satellite tracking collars, support of our field vehicles and field
staff, also, very importantly; we train wonderful young Zimbabwean conservationists, bringing
some of them to Oxford on scholarships for world-class training in conservation.

We are a team of world-class professionals, and our equipment and operating costs, working
under challenging conditions, is expensive. People have asked how much this work costs. It
costs us approximately £150,000 pa to maintain the lion project at its current level of excellence,
and in reality we need to expand it, to study and conserve lions over the entire landscape that
spans western Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. We can do this only if we secure funds. To
give you an idea, each satellite collar costs about £1,500, with an annual fee to download the
hourly locations from the satellite of £500. We need £20,000 pa to keep our anti-poaching team
in the field, cutting illegal snare wires. To bring a Zimbabwean student to study conservation in
Oxford on our world-renowned Diploma course costs £15,000. We need four wheel-drive
vehicles, tyres for them, fuel to run them – so no donation is too small to be helpful.

Professor Macdonald, Director of the WildCRU said, “It is twenty years since Dr Andy Loveridge
and I set up this project, and our scientific findings have made a major contribution to lion
conservation – the best hope for lions lies in having the best possible conservation science, and
that is what we at the WildCRU are dedicated to discovering”. He added “Cecil was a glorious
male lion, with a fascinating family history as he maintained a large pride. Just a few months ago
we were thrilled to watch him at close quarters in the field, and so his seemingly illegal death is
heartbreaking. However, our goal is to learn from it. Good can come from this if the world's
attention can lead to support for our work to improve lion conservation – helping us buy satellite
collars, maintain our field vehicles and train excellent young Zimbabwean conservationists".
Professor Macdonald emphasised the excellent work of the Zimbabwean Parks and Wildlife
Management Authority and said "The WildCRU team is working hard to support the Zimbabwe
Parks Authority in their diligent efforts to enforce the law".

Further quotes from David Macdonald: "I am horrified at the illegal death of Cecil – our team is
working hard to support the diligent efforts of Zimbabwe's excellent National Parks and Wildlife
Management Authority as they seek to stamp out such illegal killing of lions and work hard for
the conservation of these magnificent animals"

"The modern world is a hostile place for large carnivores like lions. It will take all our ingenuity
and determination to secure their conservation alongside the development of local communities.
Conservation solutions depend on the best possible science, for the benefit of wildlife and local
people, and the WildCRU's work is dedicated to undertaking that science and working with policy-
makers to implement it. We desperately need support – millions of people have been affected by
Cecil's death – and by the plight of lions in general - and imagine they are powerless at
preventing further lion decline. However, those millions can make an immediate and real
difference – if each of them made a pledge of support to the WildCRU this would revolutionise
our work for conservation, and hugely improve the long-term outlook for lions both in Zimbabwe
and elsewhere. That would be a worth memorial to a lion as magnificent as Cecil, who has
provided so much to WildCRU and the world".

Donations can be made at
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