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Colin continues:

At first I thought it must be April 1st or Nick had fallen and hit his head. It read:

Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the Olympics Games,
warns former MoD UFO expert
•        UFO expert Nick Pope says massive summer events like the
Olympics would be a prime time for an alien encounter
•        Ministry of Defence 'has planned for the worst outcomes -
attack and invasion'
•        'We should be prepared for even the most seemingly
By Eddie Wrenn

The full The Daily Mail article is
Colin Andrews continues:

So just as Richard Dolan, I too sent an email to Nick Pope as follows:

Message : Jun 09 2012, 01:39 PM
From: Colin Andrews
To: "Nick_Pope"

Subject: Nick Pope: Daily Mail "Alien Invasion - Government Prepared"

Hey Nick,

I got to say that when I was sent this by someone in Australia my initial reaction was to check it wasn't April
1st. I'm sure you are receiving plenty of emails about your quotes in this Mail story but I did want to ask for
your reactions?:


Did the paper exaggerate your comments or do you stand by them?  This does not read like your usual
careful and well reasoned commentary. Has the MOD cleared you to say that they have prepared for an
alien invasion?  I cant see it somehow.

I returned from UK three days ago, where my brother was critically ill and passing with cancer. He had a big
interest in your work and often called me to inform me about your articles, etc.

I hope all is well. - Colin

Nick's reply:

Thank you. FYI, I responded to some other questions on all this and the following article contains my quote,
which you're also free to use:


Thank you for your email. I was very sorry to hear about your brother.

While reporting of my remarks was a little wide of the mark, I am currently working on some parallel projects
that involve thinking about a range of post-detection/post-contact scenarios.

Best wishes,
Nick Pope
Now two months after this exchange with Nick we see two things:  There was not a hint in any of his media
interviews before the Games nor in his reply to me, or Richard Dolan, that this was a scam, a hoax to
promote a new Sony product.

One has to say, this is as bad as it gets, but wait..........Isnt this exactly what he was employed to do while in
office with the Ministry of Defence, distort and discredit the UFO subject.  That he admitted after my own
efforts to confront him on the UK Governments official position on the crop circles and the UFO. He finally
admitted he was encouraged to play it all down and even if there was something important going on, he
probably could say so.  My point here is that in the eyes of the UK government, Nick has again come off
trumps for their cause, i.e. to nibble away at the credibility of the UFO, those unknowns that agencies are
seriously concerned about because they turn off or even activate live nuclear war heads.  

With another hoax pulled this time by the former MOD official who was responsible for the UFO project, they
are on program.  For the rest of us who want the truth and work hard to find it, Nick has sold us out.  I know
Nick Pope quite well, Ive always stated that while Ive worked hard to expose some of his false flag moves
before, (and achieved it), I'm shocked and disappointed with this in your face ploy.

Listen now to the video below of Richard Dolan on the subject and disclosing Nicks admission.
UFOs During Olympics Claim,  by Former MoD Official
Nick Pope is Exposed as Outrageous Hoax to Promote
New Games Product.
By Colin Andrews
August 11, 2012
It started here, in this British Newspaper who frequently cover Nick Pope UFO stories.
The Daily Mail - 7 June, 2012
Nick Pope. Copyright: Five
Updated: August 12, 2012:
Nick responds on Facebook
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The Daily Mail article goes on to say:  

Speaking about the cultural impact of aliens since the first widely-reported cases in the 1940s, he said
[Pope]: 'It is interesting to note that we are all in some ways equipped to deal with alien invasion - games
such as Resistance: Burning Skies on PlayStation Vita help acclimatise people to the reality of
extraterrestrial life - and in particular that they might be hostile.

'It is a widely held belief that classified information about weapons and tactics useful in combating alien
occupation are embedded into such game play..........
Let us not forget either that Nick Pope was not just some office secretary at the Ministry of Defence but
finished his role with the government, held until 2006, as
Directorate of Defence Security.

The hugely ironic fact that concerns many in the UFO research community and should not be
separated from this story either is that what they have long complained for, to see the British
Government release all its UFO files, has now been achieved, except for the following:

By 2013 all 80,000 pages of UFO files will have been released by the The National Archives,

What is wrong with this picture???

Colin Andrews
Posted August 12, 2012
Updated substantially August 12, 2012
Resistance: Burning Skies is an example of an alien invasion - with the invaders taking on New York
in this scene.
Interactions on Facebook:
•  Nick Pope As a writer and broadcaster specialising in subjects that include the unexplained,
conspiracy theories and sci-fi, I often take part in PR campaigns to promote alien-themed movies,
computer games, etc. There's no secret about this and indeed it's openly advertised on my website.
As for the media article mentioned here, not only was the product plug slap-bag in the middle of the
story, one of the photos used to illustrate the feature was a graphic from the computer game!
5 hours ago • Like • 1

Colin Andrews Nick, I am personally sorry to see this happen at all. We have known each other for
many years and I consider you my friend. Your reasoning here does not cut it though. The newspaper
article is deceptive, scary to some and used you and your credentials knowingly for commercial
reasons. The only ones not in on the game was Joe public who have been confused long enough by
the lies coming out of the MOD on the very subject you managed for them. I think you made a very
bad judgement to have taken part in this and best you draw that line and state it for what it is sooner
rather than later. To basically be saying that we the public should have seen through your ploy and its
our fault is simply making things worse. Your reply to my private email to you about this back in June,
made no mention or even suggested this was a commercial hoax (of kinds). Truly Nick, I am feeling
sorry for you, because you have done some good work but this plays into the suspicions many have
about your past tactics while employed by the MOD - can you say with truth that they cleared you to
undertake this little game? I ask because the fall out of this eats away further credibility on the UFO
subject, just exactly what their agenda has been for at least 60 years. Its a sorry situation Nick
4 hours ago • Like • 4

Colin Andrews Hi Roy Savill, I'm trying to understand this. I like Nick Pope but on the face of what we
now know, the line between commerce, politics and real research have been crossed. We have to be
able to trust where research is being done and when a government official, retired or not tells us what
official planning is, we must know that its credible. Bottom line here is that its looking like the contract
from Sony was probably too good to pass but Nick will no doubt respond in time. There is no fun in this
with our natural and future world needing our trusted attention, we don't need good people falling
away because of bad judgement or' instructions'.
4 hours ago • Like • 1•   

Colin Andrews I agree Brendon - at minimum, bad judgement. I don't think we have the whole story

Nick Pope I honestly can’t believe that anyone was genuinely fooled into thinking that the mainstream
media was reporting a real alien invasion, but if they were, and if anyone got frightened by this, then I’
m truly sorry.
2 hours ago • Like • 1

Lindy Tucker I finally had the time to follow this up and I am ashamed for Nick Pope, who...as a
career military man has used his history to promote negative and fear mongering tactics around the
ufo subject. Nick, you had a lot of people on the edge of their seats, and are adding to the negativity
that anything foreign needs annihilation. I know it is your right....but allowing the MAIL to quote you
directly and let it go out worldwide as a professional pronouncement (to help sell a video game you
are marketing) is REALLY tacky. Make sure your picture and bio goes on the back of the Sony's new
"Burning Skies"...I'm sure your buddies at the MOD can take care of that for you too.
2 hours ago • Like

Paul Anderson Nick, I think I can speak for a good number of people when I say that a trip to London
this year to go see the Olympics was the furthest from my mind, not because of the continued news
stories of traffic problems, but because of news reports which would "appear" to have been promoted
by the UK Government of the very high risk of a terrorist attack and an alien invasion. For Christ
sake..... My son who WAS going to be one of the volunteers at the Olympics dropped out because of
this scaremongering dribble. Action / reaction. There will NEVER be an alien invasion, you know as
well as anyone that any attack, alien or terrorist, will be a "staged" event, just like 911.

David Haith  "OK Nick you've said you were sorry of anybody was frightened.
Now how about an apology for conveniently playing down the Sony game connection to all this. Most
of the punters reading that sensational stuff in the Mail won't consult your website and put two and two
together and realise it's all commercial hype - and you know it.
Of course if you said up front that it was a promotion the story wouldn't have been written in the first
place. So when you get a researcher like Colin writing to you asking what the heck is going on - don't
enlighten him, just feed him B/S.
I said it before and I will say it again - your behaviour over all this has been shameful."

Nick Pope "As Ive said, David, if you were fooled into believing that the mainstream media was
reporting an imminent alien invasion, then I'm sorry.
Andew Russell

"Nick has nothing to lose. All
the files are almost released
so he can't claim to have
knowledge that isn't in the
public domain.

So unless he actually does
some proper investigations he
is a spent force. In my humble
opinion he was a desk jockey
who ran with the hare and the
hounds as suited him, the
media sucked it up and he
bedazzled many a ufo

This will sound harsh, but I
believe he was an agent of
disinformation who I wouldn't
spit on if he was on fire in my
Mums coal shed".