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An Excellent in-depth Television Documentary filmed in 1990-1991 by Nippon
from Japan and shown many times in that country. A great amount of my aerial
footage and photographs - Much of it not seen before in the west.

Exclusive footage they filmed of a UFO which interacted with the film-crew and myself
early ours over crop circle fields at Alton Barnes, England. - Story on page 129 in my book:

On the Edge of Reality.
" Air Traffic Control confirmed 'live' that only two aircraft
were in UK airspace. They asked pilots to remove all inside
and outside lights off for 20 seconds - The UFO remained and
continued to flash back to us."
During Surveillance at Alton Barnes, England on the 18th August, 1991, all of us stood alongside a Television crew from Nippon Television (Japan) and witnessed a UFO which began interacting with our
flash-lights. Colin Andrews telephoned Air Traffic Control (life) and they confirmed it was not an aircraft - The exclusive film and Andrews telephone call can be heard in the documentary ( 1 hr: 8 mins )
The UFO appeared in the sky at the same location we had seen them before but this time we had a TV crew with us and captured it on film - One of Andrews interactive UFO experiences with Dr. Steven Greer also took
place here.
March 15, 2017
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"In a secret military project at Silbury
Hill in 1990, a UFO was filmed. We
captured it again on film in 1991 but
this time we confirmed it was not an
aircraft and it interacted with us"
We captured the long time elusive UFO
on film with multiple witnesses and a
Japanese film crew - The 1991 footage