The Passing of highly respected UFO and Crop Circle
Researcher, former British Aerospace Engineer
Roy Dutton
Roy Dutton passed 6th August, 2018
Today I received the sad news from colleague David Cayton of the passing on August
6th, 2018 of our mutual friend - well known researcher,  
Roy Dutton.

I give my deepest condolences to Roy's family and friends.

All of my memories of Roy are fond ones. Both of us being engineers with deep interest
in the UFO subject, as well as crop circles, it was important to research these subjects
using approved scientific protocols. He was of the old school and graphs and grounded
reasoning was demanded by him to support his views and findings.

I first met Roy at a BUFORA lecture he presented in London during 1984.  Later he
attended one of my own and we commenced a number of research projects together
soon after.

He was a very easy man to talk to, very intelligent, methodical and an honest man. I liked
Roy a lot. He had a good natured dry sense of humor, a prerequisite for our subjects of

He will be remembered for his highly credible research and will leave his mark in UFO
and crop circle research history.

Thinking outside the box is the mark of our best innovative engineers and inventors.  
That was the true mark of Roy Dutton, formerly of British Aerospace (BAe Systems),
Woodford, Cheshire (The old and famous AVRO Company).

I am proud and greatly honored to have known Roy.

The biggest thank you, should be from all of us for his courage in being so public with
his  UFO research. There is always a price to pay, especially pre 2000s, for breaking
ranks when you are ahead of the curve, which he was.  

Thank you Roy from the bottom of my heart. - Colin Andrews.
Roy Dutton (far right in front of caravan)  at 'Operation White Crow in 1989. Roy was part of our team who undertook the first high Tech surveilance
operation to attempt to film a crop circle forming. Followed in 1990 by the famous Operation Blackbird, which Roy was again part. On the right Pat Delgado
and I at White Crow with well known UFO researcher Timothy Good and Under Secretary of Defence for the British Government, Ralph Noyes
Roy (Camera bag on shoulder) inspecting a crop circle during 1989 -
reported by Hampshire Police. Copyright - Colin Andrews..
Leonie Starr, Busty Taylor and Roy Dutton. Copyright: Busty Taylor.
Rest in peace Roy and God bless
you for all the work you did for UFO
and crop circles research.
16, August, 2018
I first got to know Roy while we were both working at British
Aerospace, Woodford during the mid 1990’s. We both worked in
different Departments, I in the Design Engineering Laboratories, Roy
initially in the Hawker Siddeley Dynamics branch of the Company.
After Dynamics relocated to BAe Hatfield, Roy remained at
Woodford and worked in Wind Tunnels and’ Special Projects’
Dept.....a bit hush, hush!

While I already had some interest in ufo’s from my previous RAF
Service, Roy was instrumental in getting me more seriously active in
both UFO’s and the crop circle phenomena. He persuaded me to
join BUFORA and the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS). His
numerous Circle photos which he passed around our shared
Canteen lunch table really sparked my enthusiasm and keenness to
set foot inside a crop formation! This resulted in my 20 years of
frequent visits to the fields of Wiltshire, with my good friend and co
researcher, Robert Hulse. We are eternally grateful to Roy for setting
us on our voyages’ of discovery!  It was Roy who also first introduced
me to Robert and others with a shared interest!
Roy was a true mechanical engineer ‘boffin’ and was keen to
understand what the mysterious unknown energy was to create the
crop plant swirled circles?  He designed and built a working model to
demonstrate how the plant stems were softly laid down, sweeping
incrementally around in curves, without physical damage in the
process! He had liaised with an Italian professor on a possible
energy source and they came up with a type of focussed gravitational
In my book, Roy was one of the original crop circle pioneers and he
never gave up trying to find the correct scientific cause for the non
mechanical planked formations. He had presented a number of
lectures on the subject over the years, including to the Royal
Aeronautical Society (Roy was a Fellow of the RAes) on his pet
theory (developed over much of his life) describing how he believed
intelligently controlled solid craft could navigate to enter and exit our
earthly orbit on certain timed tracks!
Vivien and I got to know Roy well, along with his late wife, Marion and
they are sorely missed.
We extend our sincere condolences to Roy’s son and family.
A brief personal tribute to Roy T. Dutton,
from David Cayton, August 2018.
Left: Roy & Marion’s visit to us in Stockport, May 2010.