M.A.S.E.E. -   Member of The Association of Supervisory and Executive Engineers.
City and Guilds of London Institute

I started my career as an Electrician for A.M.F. International, in the tobacco processing industry, during
1961, before entering British local government (US: know as regional) as their chief electrical engineer
in charge of a team of employees and all the council's many electrical responsibilities from street
lighting, traffic signs, sewage pumping stations control facilities, about 30,000 houses and numerous
public buildings, etc. etc..  I was promoted several times in a short period of time and became a
Principle Officer (PO grade), as Works Coordinator in charge of a total work force of around 200
employees and contractors.  I left my career in 1991 on PO1-2 scale, 17,706 UK pounds (approx:
$33,700).  See a letter from the current head of Human Resources at T.V.B.C.
M.I.I.Ex.E. - Member of the Institution of Incorporated Executive Engineers.
T.V.B.C.  Test Valley Borough Council, my former employers, 17 years after I
resigned from my position as Principal Officer, to undertake full time research
into the crop circles.  Incidentally just one week before the famous Doug and
Dave claim to have made the circles.
I was also an associate of
the Institution of Public
Lighting Engineers.
A quick note: There is a blog site that claims that I do not have the qualifications shown above and that I was not the Chief