A Crop Circle Experience
By Ned Pamphilon

In 1994 I sound recorded the making of a crop circle. It showed me how feasible man-making
them is. It demonstrated how feasible it is to trick the public, each of whom has a democratic
right to vote. Are all crop circles man-made? I do not know, but The Web in 1994 was.

The UFO-ET issue must be one of the most important to mankind. Currently, it is the anniversary
of Charles Darwin's birth in 1809. The debate seems to be limited to Evolution vs. Creationism i.e.
mankind evolved from amoeba via ape vs. man was created by God via Adam and Eve.

If you open the ET issue, it can at least provide another option: the possibility mankind may be
related to ET presence; some suggest part of a biological experiment by ET intelligence. This
suggestion alone can have most people switch-off and dismiss even the notion. Is it so much
more incredible than Evolution or Creationism?

Who are we? How did we come to be? How much of our brain do we utilise? Is it a right-brain
left-brain issue? Who has the answers? Even the apparently most qualified professionals can
perhaps have a tendency to be closed minded.

The BBC Radio 4 The Today programme invites guest editors over the Xmas and New Year
period. If I were invited I'd invite the likes of Dr. Steven Greer, G. Edward Griffin, The Right
Hon. Paul Hellyer, Dr. Ron Paul, Cathy O'Brien, Jesse Ventura, Dr. Bob Bowman and allow me to
indulge myself with Arsene Wenger. I think just that short list would negate any chance of my
being offered. I'm tempted to mention David Icke, but that would guarantee the loss of audience,
wouldn't it? I'm also tempted to address the word conspiracy: the online Oxford English
Dictionary definition says: Conspiracy: 1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or
harmful. 2. the action of conspiring.

This year is the 200 anniversary of of the death of Thomas Paine in 1809. Most in the UK have no
concept of the man. In the US they might be more aware and certainly, they should be: Common
Sense, Rights Of Man and The Age Of reason were apparently the 3 most widely read and best
selling publications of the 18th century. This struggle is on-going: to empower all humans with
truth; with all the available knowledge; to cease the policy of secrets of who we are and why we
are. I don't have the answers, but suspect some one on this planet has a great deal more answers
than they are sharing. For example, why is public access to The Vatican Library prohibited?

Why is it cars, aeroplanes and rockets seem so primitive to me? I don't know how better to put it,
but my instinct tells me they are hardly the symbols of innovation they pretend to be. Please, why
is Nikola Tesla not on the general school science curriculum? Why do numerous eye-witnesses
declare seeing a mile wide craft silently pass over their heads in Arizona, yet the BBC says
absolutely nothing?

Why are there so many questions about 9/11, yet if one refers to them down at the local village
pub most listeners are non-plussed or simply dismissive? How does Al Gore get away with Global
Warming presentations and a Nobel Peace Prize while at the same time manage a company under
the name of Blood and Gore which financially benefits from so called green firms? Why do I feel
Obama's 'change' mantra has yet to present any real change other than the bleedin' obvious one:
he's the first non-white US President; just that comment may well invite 'ism' accusations.

Making and 'faking' a crop circle was one of the most significant experiences I've had. I knew
something others didn't and held information close to my chest allowing others to believe
non-truths. Remember, circle makers do not always consider their work as hoaxes. I propose we
have a national UFO-ET policy regardless of evidence of existence. Surely, from a military
defence point of view it is an obvious strategy to consider and plan for. If ET were to land on Mr.
and Mrs. Bloggs front lawn, at least there could be a general policy of action of what to do.

The truth is perhaps not only out there, but within us all. We must all wake-up.