Dad, Valerie, David, me in Mums arms with Field-Marshall Montgomery at
our home in
Enham Alamein near Andover, England during 1949.
My Dad never spoke much about the work he did on special operations in the
Navy during WWII. He did though several times tell me of strange deja vu
experiences he had when his ship docked in Malta.  He knew the streets, the
shops and local layout as if he had visited before but he had not - ever.  After the
war was over and all the debriefings
Field-Marshall Montgomery (Monty) had with
Prime Minister  
Winston Churchill and President Eisenhower, 'Monty' visited our
home and had tea with our family.  The photograph above shows Monty, Winston
Churchill, General Simpson and Field-Marshall Sir Alan Brooke crossing the west
wall in Germany.
This section of my website is dedicated to the memory of my Mum and Dad who
both passed in recent years at the ages of 90 and 84 years respectively.

I am the third of four children.  The first David who as a young boy took on many
of Dad's roles as the man of the house during the second world war because Dad
was an officer in the Royal Navy and was away on special operations in various
troubled parts of the world.  My sister Valerie was born in 1944, myself in 1946
and my second brother Peter two years later. Ive often jokingly called myself the
end of war celebration.
Dedication to Mum and Dad
By Colin Andrews
Love as always
until we meet
again in the
My Dad was ever curious, seen here inspecting a crop circle with me during 1985.
Copyright Colin Andrews
They came home and shared the story the moment they came through the door. I
could see that something very strange had happened to them. Strange though that
my brother does not remember any part of it.

I did however have two of my own experiences, both identical to each other six years
They truly loved us kids and were always there for us.  Both of them supported me
during all the years of my research and long before.

There was one part of the family journey we did not share together and that was one
late evening when I was about 11 years of age.  My brother Peter and  Mum and Dad
took a local drive north of our home and watched in disbelief as they witnessed a
disc shaped object hovering about 100 feet off the ground above conifer trees and
close to the small country highway they were on.  My Dad stopped the car and with
Peter they walked across the country lane to watch the object hovering and swaying
from side to side.  It rose up a little and a bright beam of light appeared from its
underside onto the trees below. My Mother was so fearful of the object that she
screamed for them both to get back into the car. They all saw the beam of light from
this object suddenly turn off  as it rose up and in a split second it was gone at  
colossal speed.

From that day on, while Ive researched the UFO subject as well as the crop circles
around the world, I never doubted that UFOs are real. I implicitly believed my Mum,
Dad and Brother and finished up doubting governments versions instead.
"Mum and Dad, thank you for your love and dedication and
for everything you did for us"

Dad - Gordon Ronald Andrews
My Sister, Valerie, Mum, Dad, Peter (standing) and Colin - visiting my Brother David, Anne and their family in
Guildford, Surrey, England - approx. 1962.
My Mum's Sisters, from left: Diana, Elsie (Mum), Jill, Bubs, Dot, Josie and Marge. Her Brothers, not
photographed: Bernard, Roger, Ted, Len - Eleven in all.
Mum and Dad at Dad's retirement.
Valerie, Mum, Dad and Peter.  We were lucky to live near the New Forest, an
ancient forest in south central England, where this was taken.
Mum and Dad's last home and
what us kids knew as home,
39 Leigh Road, Andover,
Hampshire, England.