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“Get a life...prove that they are here to help us!”
Joseph Burkes MD
Posted on Colin Andrews Research - Jan 1st, 2016
Thanks to David Haith )UK) and Dr. Joseph Burkes

The above comment was made in response to a May 2015 FB posting with a drawing of a young girl
extending her arm out to a little ET that was stretching its arm out to her.
The graphic’s attached message read. “We have no need for you to believe in us. We are here to
assist you in believing in yourselves.”

So the commenter thinks that such a wild notion of ETs helping us is so over the top that I don’t t
have much of a life. After a medical career of four decades, helping my wife raise two (knock on
wood) healthy offspring, and being an activist for a number of worthy causes, I realize that I already
have had a life. Needless to say I thought it might be fun to take the challenge and discuss why I
think the alleged ETs might be here to help us. Here is my response

Thank you NAME DELETED for your frank response to the graphic. In a certain sense you are
absolutely correct in asking for proof. First step in making an argument would be to sum up the
impact of UFOs on us. A list of positive and negative aspects might be added up in the following

1.Describe all the alleged physical injuries and cures humans receive from the alleged ETs.

2. List well documented encounters in which UFOs have operated very close to commercial and
military aircraft taking a careful tally of crashes of human devices and alleged shoot downs of UFOs
by terrestrial military forces.

3.Then there are the psychological aspects. I don’t know how to balance the terror that some
experiencers called “abductees” claim to have with the pleasures that “contactees” report in their
encounters. But I suppose a list could be made up here as well.

4. Then there are the commercial aspects; this is a tough one. What economic damages have we
endured as the result of ETs? If UFO Intel were responsible for so-called cattle mutilations then that
would be a large charge to their account (I prefer the more clinical term “cattle dissections.”)

But the presence of dark military style helicopters operating silently near the sites of ongoing
“mutilations” suggests some of these attacks have been the result of humans.


At the end of this hypothetical project an assessment could be done. Those who are actively pro-
contact I am certain will say the list shows no net harm. This is the case for so-called “no net
hostility.” A rather awkward term used in past CSETI training materials. We joked about what it might
mean when a medical partner of mine joined CSETI in 1992.

Those who are against contact will make the case for the dangers of aliens. And in the end that
there will be probably be no agreement as to whether the impact of UFOs is positive or negative
overall for mankind. In other words I couldn’t prove that they are here to help us.


But I don’t need to have proof to actively engage UFO intelligence and facilitating (HICE) Human
Initiated Contact Experiences. Contact activists hope that by using every tool available to promote
encounters we will learn a great deal more than just passively describing other people’s
experiences. More importantly in the process of engaging UFO intelligence we might be creating a
microcosm of how cooperative peaceful relations with “ETs” might be achieved by the larger society


As merely a practical consideration, the assumption of non-harm is essential to allow contact
workers to be brave enough to engage the so-called ETs. The assumption about them possibly
helping us is the motivation that drives the human side of the equation. In my opinion it is worth the
effort for the following reasons.

1. Our planet is in danger. Human activities have contributed to global climate change as the planet
appears to be entering another era of mass extinctions.

2. UFOs, whatever they turn out to be, are certainly more advanced than our flying machines. If
other aspects of “ET” technology are also advanced, then we might over time under conditions of
open contact be helped to find a cure for say cancer. Or perhaps learn how to build safe non-
polluting energy systems that could be gradually over time under conditions of world peace be
introduced into our technological culture. Under current conditions of planetary tribal warfare such
so called “free energy” technology I believe would be used make weapons.

3. If the so-called “visitors” were also advanced ethically or spirituality, we might be inspired to learn
from their examples in a quest to establish world peace based on social justice. We will have to do
the work but just knowing other civilizations get to travel the cosmos and not self-destruct would give
us hope that we might be able to do the same.  The slogan, “Evolve or Die!” is possibly applicable
to our predicament.


I agree all of this is pretty iffy, but what do we have to lose?

We are faced with seemingly insurmountable problems on our planet. Our traditional “authorities”
appear to not have a clue as to what possible solutions there might be. It is not unreasonable to
hope that the alleged extraterrestrials are here to help us. If contact activists are wrong, eventually
this will become apparent. If we are correct in our assumption that UFOs are here to assist us and
that by going out and engaging them we make it so, then we will have provided a useful service to


For 23 years, I have been urging people to actively engage UFOs, first as a team coordinator for
the CE-5 Initiative in the 1990s. and later with Rahma, a Peruvian based contact group with teams in
the USA. I rarely do fieldwork anymore with contact teams, just a few times per year. I am well into
my 7th decade of life and the all night vigils can be a chore for  “senior contact workers” like me. On
occasion in solidarity with Kosta Makreas’ global contact initiative I sit out on my back porch the
Saturday of the month closest to the dark of the moon.

I would like to imagine that I am not doing all this for personal knowledge alone, but rather in the
spirit of service that for me is an extension of the my medical work. I suppose one might think of it as
social medicine made large.

The pay is nothing, a lot less than what I earned as a practicing physician. The fringe benefits in the
past involved hiking to research sites at night, usually getting really cold but having the pleasant
companionship of other contact activists. The potential payout for mankind at a future date makes
me think that it just might be worth all the effort the world wide contact network is making to reach
out to the what is likely to be ETs present on our planet.  

As I have already had a life, perhaps by serving a great cause of establishing cooperative relations
with ETs I will be rewarded with an additional life after this one. Maybe it will be better than the one I
am living now. Although now having retired and still being relatively healthy, this life would be pretty
hard to beat.

Happily I have no more long tours of duty in the ER, no more callbacks to the hospital. Nor do I have
to meet any of the other challenges that my medical colleagues still are confronted with. I now get to
study the UFO phenomenon as much as I like, share flying saucer stories with friends and on rare
occasions even get to see another UFO. This life is darn good. Could another one really be any
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About the author:
Joseph Burkes MD volunteered as a Working Group
Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 till 1998 when he
left CSETI. He has continued to study the flying saucer
phenomenon working with MUFON and the Peruvian contact
network now called Rahma. He is co-author of the book
“Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker. Dr Burkes retired
from the Southern California Pemanente Medical Group after
thirty years service in 2008. He is a board certified internal
medicine physician and is licensed to practice in California.