It was late in the evening on March 3, 1975 when my
world started changing. I was living in a small town in
southern Ontario and I was upstairs reading a book in
bed around 11:30 pm when I got this strange thought
in my head; and that thought was that if I "went
downstairs and looked out the back door, I’d see
something". So, I got dressed and went downstairs
and flung the back door open and there were three
brilliant lights on the horizon, just hanging there. And
they were huge.

After a few minutes, I called to my husband and
neighbor who were upstairs watching TV, and they
came down and watched them with me. We couldn’t
figure out what it was and after about 20 minutes,
these three brilliant "lights" just came together into
one and blinked out. I forgot about them until about a
week later when I got that same peculiar feeling
again...that if I went out back and looked, that I would
"see something".
And I was washing dishes at that moment, so I dried my hands and went out the back
door, and this time there were several of them turning different colors and making
angular and triangular movements in the sky. They would go together as one, then
blink out, then re-appear and split apart again. So whatever this was, I was aware of
it and it would call to me, early enough in the day to tell my neighbors what time of
the evening a light show would start. And they would always be on time. Then along
came a peculiar, metallic beeping sound, like the sonar from a submarine...loud and
piercing. It had a rotational quality to it and filled the night air. Soon after that came a
close encounter with a rotating thirty foot disc with a lighted dome on the top. I could
have thrown a rock at it. My neighbors and I had gone back out one night to
investigate the lights and the sound and we all saw it. My life changed even more
from that moment on. It was like sticking a finger in a live electrical socket, because I
was able to sense or know things from that point on; things my normal awareness
never paid attention to. I now have precognitive abilities....or "second sight".

This "telepathic contact" with the lights and sound started a cat and mouse game I
never got tired of playing. Unusual events started happening. I noticed a PSI energy
around me. Telephone disconnections due to an unusual sound coming through the
wires, clocks stopping when I looked at them, double exposures occurring when I
used a polaroid camera, batteries draining, electrical objects turning on without me
touching them, alarms going off, compasses spinning in my hand, bizarre
synchronicities, crushing headaches, periods of narcolepsy, appliances turning on or
timers going off, odd rashes or burns after being out late in the fields trying to get
closer to this mysterious force that was getting closer to me.

I remember one night being approached by a large glowing mass.......a luminous
orange sphere about three feet across. I felt it was sentient, and I stopped dead in
my tracks. There were other times when my husband and I would be followed by a
solitary light for 10 miles or more, pacing the car and changing direction as we
changed direction. I’d step out of the car, and it would stay for a moment than blink

Two odd things followed the sightings. I grew a 75 pound cabbage in my garden that
summer, right after my close encounter (photo attached). I felt like I was caught
between Findhorn and the Twilight Zone. A field of cattle corn went down on the land
adjacent to our property. I remember discussing it with my husband at the time, as
every single stalk was laid down as far as the eye could see. It also looked singed.
We noticed this because we were going into the field weekly to pick fresh corn for
dinner. There had been no storm, no damaging winds. At the time we figured that
some cows had got into the field and laid down every single stalk. And we left it at
that. It had to be another 15 years before I saw my first photo of a corn circle and
saw the damage, that reminded me of that field next to ours so long ago.
Lindy Tucker - Where it all began.
We moved out of the area a couple of years later, but the contacts followed, but in a
different fashion.

We ended up in Florida in a small town, far away from the rugged outdoors of
southern Ontario. Because of some odd things that started happening, including
hearing the beeping sounds again; I decided to become my own investigator, joining
MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) and met an incredible group of professionals who
quickly put me on the right path to finding answers. I found that "beeping ufo" cases
just like mine were prevalent in certain areas in the 1960's and 70's and that the Air
Force had declassified some of them. The handwritten reports of the same size disc
with the lighted dome on top, along with the strange metallic beeping sounds caused
quite a stir and had titles like "Survivors of the Beep Beep", or "Our UFO Summer".
These cases occurred in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Alberta, southern Ontario
and upstate New York for many years. Not only did the Air Force officially investigate
these sounds and sightings, but I was able to collect nine recordings of these
beeping sounds and gave them to a tenured aerospace professor out at the
University of Austin, Texas. Although the Air Force’s Condon Report passed the
sounds (and local hysteria) off as a sawhet owl, our findings prove it is NOT an owl.
For one, these beeping sounds were reportedly heard over am/fm,
longwave/shortwave, CB and car radios, and even a TV set, while the craft was in
sight. Of course, the Air Force conveniently left these eyewitness accounts out of
their official report.
Lindy with the 75 lb cabbage.
May 1975, Lindy's garden before the UFO.
I also met Colin Andrews the same weekend as I met Dr. Greer back in 1991 and we
all agreed our research dovetailed and we started sharing information. Through
Colin’s efforts, he gave me all the crop circle locations for North America, and along
with my own research, I started mapping out these locations with the beeping ufo
cases. Remarkably, they are all super-imposed in the same locations, time and time
again. The recent archaelogical discovery of an ancient 5,000 year old Sun Temple
The Crop Circle design that appeared at Orton, southern Ontario during 2002..
Barley Chromagraphy.