The pattern in recent years in the north-east of the United States has been for cold and snowy
winters.  Since Christmas 2014 and throughout January and February, 2015 this

Records smashed for extreme Arctic cold, even into the deep south.  In our home in
Connecticut we had frozen pipes, which occurred during -3F (-20C).  Back to back snow falls
took aim on us, one after another, one delivering around 18" to 20". Our next major city to our
north east, Boston was buried for weeks with over 80".

Below are some photographs I took in our immediate area.
Snow and frigid temperatures throughout the winter of
Photos - Colin Andrews
Seemingly appropriate shot at the time of posting,
February 20th, 2015 with a forecast of snow tomorrow
and freezing rain the following day, who knows what
awaits around the corner. - Feb 20th, 2015
The ten photographs below were taken on February 19th,
nearly a month after the first significant series of snow
storms struck. An indication of the extremely cold
temperatures and the frequent topping of snow.
Taken and posted on February 18, 2015, the day after the Mayor of Boston pleaded with dare devils to stop jumping out of 2nd floor
windows into the huge snow piles from record breaking snow falls. Looks like its catching on with our local squirrels. - Colin Andrews /
Guilford, Connecticut.
Boston snow jumping from 2nd floor
windows must stop says Mayor
You Dont Have to Live in Boston to
find it fun!
Colin Andrews Photography
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This section of eight shows conditions still existing on the 27-28th February, and as a result of day and night
temperatures well below freezing, the snow pack and ice remains locked in.  These photos taken at Hammonasset, Stony
Creek and the marsh along rte 146.

The following photographs taken after another storm which left around 8-10 inches of
additional snow.  As you can see by the dissapeared mailbox, its getting hard to find
places to put it.  Great thing about snow is that the color scheme is easy to change!.
The second day of spring (March 2nd) and the view from our front door.
Take a look at these two in our back yard -