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Dangerously Low Temperatures Take Over Most of The United States
Photographs taken around  Guilford & Stony Creek, Connecticut  
January 4 to 9th, 2014..
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Extremely hazardous walking for a photographer on the edge of frozen river in Guilford.
Copyright: Colin Andrews, January 2014.
Water froze to the tap serving the horses in the barn and pasture and both hot and cold water and the heating was frozen in half of our house, as temperatures dipped in Guilford to around zero F
(-18C) during day and night water froze inside and out if not given some help. Temps to our west and north were even colder, much colder, -35F around Minneapolis (-37C). Hot coffee thrown into
the air was frozen before it reached the ground.  The local Branford fire boat seen above was frozen into Stony Creek harbor. -
Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014.
Temperatures so low and water scarce caused the wildlife to struggle both for warmth and liquid. We had a spectacular pheasant looking for water to drop from this disused pump head.  Ducks
sat in or on ice on all the local rivers and frozen sea.  These Starlings huddled around the little warmth given off by the traffic lights.
The rivers were all frozen from bank to bank - this one on Rte 146 in Guilford.  Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014
Guilford Harbor which has seen severe flooding and wild damage from Hurricane
Irene and super-storm Sandy as well as snow storm Nemo in the last 18 months
now frozen solid in record low temperatures.  
Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014
The shoreline of Long Island Sound at Stony Creek, frozen to a quarter mile out to sea. Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014.
FLASH BACK: August 2011, during Hurricane Irene, a yacht was
blown onto the deck of the first property also seen below.
Overlooking the frozen sea on Long Island Sound, the first house on the right was where a yacht was tossed onto their deck during Hurricane Irene (see
above and
HERE. Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014
This small  water fall near Lakeside Feed, North Guilford is no match to Niagara
Falls which partially froze this week (left).  
Copyright: Colin Andrews, Jan 2014
Niagara Falls partially frozen over on the American side.
Copyright: Reuters-Aaron Harris
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