The Maya boy who helped ETs with their garden.
Posted 20 June, 2017
Maya village of Belize.
'Sky People'.

The Maya boy who helped ETs with their garden.

(CA Comment: For reasons unknown to me, whether this is true or not, I get a visceral reaction to the account,
which Dr. Clarke does believe is true. End)

Throughout his life, Raul Manuel was taken from his tiny Maya village in Belize to “a floating disk in the sky” to
help extraterrestrials with their garden.

They needed his botanical knowledge which he began learning as a toddler from his grandfather.  By the time
he was nine, he knew enough to be helpful to the ETs so they beamed him onboard.

Raul first described the ET craft as a “huge silver sombrero” with three levels.  “At the top were the men who
operated the city.  In the middle level, there was an eating place and a relaxing place. On the bottom was the
garden and resting places.”

“The garden was located along the back side of the disk” and “contained trees and plants from all over the
world.  There were birds, some I had never seen.  A water tank kept the plants alive.  Sometimes they sent
smaller craft to collect water.”

“Each time I went there, I taught them about plants.  I taught them as my grandfather had taught me about our
medicine.  They encourage me to point out medicine plants to them in the forest.  They would gently dig them
up under my guidance, and later I would plant them in their garden in the sky.”

As a man, the ETs gave Raul the title of “Earth Advisor” and in his village, he became a respected elder
because of his wisdom and knowledge.

Near the end of his life, Raul shared his uniquely positive abduction story with Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke,
professor emeritus at Montana State University.  He told her details about the ETs; about Earth People and
Sky People working together on the ship; and about traveling to the ETs’ home planet which had been
drastically impacted by a catastrophe.

You can read Raul’s entire story in chapter three of Dr. Clarke’s book “Sky People”which is available on
Amazon. – The editor

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The book 'Sky People'