UFO reports continue to come from West
Kennett Long Barrow and Silbury Hill, England
Posted on May 12, 2012
By Colin Andrews
This Army helicopter speed in and landed close to Silbury Hill, a soldier jumped out and seem to recover a video tape from a hedgerow
below the hill.  You can just make out people stood on top Silbury (illegally) who witnessed this.  I happened to see the helicopter activity
and took this photo. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Silbury Hill is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and one of the tallest in the world. Its
estimated by Archaeologists to have been built about 4,750 years ago. The mound is located in
Wiltshire, England and it overlooks West Kennett Long Barrow, a Neolithic tomb, both archaeological
sites are a little less than a mile south of one of the largest monolithic standing stone rings in the
world, built around 2,600 BCE. This spectacular archaeological area is well known for strange reports
of ghosts, one being a soldier dressed in world war two uniform and numerous high quality witnesses
have report UFOs and tall beings.  One of the more recent reports of tall beings was
made by a local
policeman who saw three in a field next to a Mayan crop circle design just south of Silbury Hill.

I have investigated many of these reports myself and am in the long process of checking them all out
and writing them up for publishing.

The purpose of this posting is to show more examples of UFOs captured in the same small area of
sky between Silbury Hill and West Kennett Long Barrow.
Taken near West Kennett Long Barrow, next to Silbury Hill on August 4, 2009 by Audrey Davies and Stephen Morris.
This photograph was taken by me personally from West Kennett Long Barrow facing South Sout East during the
summer of 2003.  I was visiting with my friend Dr. Melih Arici and both of us took random photos of the wonderful
countryside in that area.  When the large Hercules military aircraft appeared I snapped two more photos.  Neither
of us saw this peculiar object to the left of the Hercules at the time but back home in the US about two weeks
later, when looking through all of the photos, there it was.  The second photo of the aircraft did not have the
object in it. Copyright: Colin Andrews 2003
Taken between 2-3pm on a Saturday afternoon in August 2010 by a
person who wishes to remain anonymous, I will call him Dean. The camera
is facing south over West Kennett Long Barrow.  The classic UFO shape
appeared over the Barrow and in the same region of sky as my own
seven years earlier. This unexplained object was not seen at the time the
photo was taken but seen when viewing later - again just like my own.
Hi Colin
What appears to be a fuzzy
cloud or vapour effect just top
right of the classic UFO
Goggle Satellite photograph of the area.
1= Silbury Hill  A= Location of Stephen Morris and yellow arrow faces the location of UFO.
2= Mayan Headdress crop circle. B= Policeman location facing where the three tall beings seen.
3= West Kennett Long barrow. C= Location of Dean, facing where the UFO was filmed. D= Colin Andrews facing the object.
4= Avebury
5= A crop circle
Note: Bottom left is the scale. 200 mm = 2000 feet
There are many many more reports from this area and some multiple observers have witnessed the same
events.  I have been studying this site since the 13th July 1988 when Mary Freeman witnessed a UFO at night
over the same field shown above as #2.  A full report will be published of many more intriguing cases, all of
which have taken place within 12,000 feet of each other - a pretty incredible hot spot in any ones language,
hence my calling it
The Silbury Stargate.