Remembering Our Yeva

Meeting Yeva was one of those experiences where you know instantly that
you are reuniting with an old friend from past lifetimes, what I call ‘Soul Family’  

My first encounter with Yeva was from her writing. I read her articles in the
magazine ‘UFO Reality’. I used to look forward to every issue of that
informative magazine (thank you Jon King!)  It would arrive from England in a
shop here in Santa Monica, California.

My actual first meeting with Yeva is an unforgettable story of synchronicity. I
was in the Brighton area after my Mother passed away in 1999.  I was busy
taking care of all the things concerning this with the help of my friend Bettye
Binder. We made friends with our taxi driver, who was the first to pick me up at
the station.  He found out we were going to a crop circle lecture and was
delighted to inform us that Yeva lived nearby and was a good friend of his.  
Yeva invited us to dinner and we were amazed at the synchronicity of also
knowing Colin and David and many other mutual friends and associates.  

Bettye and I were preparing to hire a car to drive to the Crop Circles. Yeva
said ‘Now I know what I am meant to do this weekend’! and she drove us there
instead. With her expertise of knowing all the farmers and the fields, we were
in ‘crop circle heaven’!

Since then I have stayed with her in her wonderful home almost every
summer, met more wonderful ‘Soul Family’, attended enlightening events and
dinners with her and of course visited the Crop Circles together until she was
no longer able to make the trip.

Yeva you are missed by people you didn’t even know! Friends and family in
America are very fond of you!  We look forward to receiving ‘cosmic
messages’ from you, I know you will be ‘keeping in touch’. Maybe we will
receive a special message from you in the Crop Circles next year!

Blessings and love from Serena Wright Taylor and Family.
Yeva with Serena and Barbara Lamb: Copyright
Serena Wright Taylor 2006.
Yeva at Colin's local pub, The Mayfly near Andover,
England in 2006. Copyright: Serena Wright Taylor 2006.
Yeva inside a crop circles in Wiltshire, England during
the summer 2006. Copyright: Serena Wright Taylor 2006.
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