"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
Page 148: British military  film an orb (UFO) - Footage can be seen in this special BBC special at time 5.15
Source link:
A Mysterious voice was witnessed by Colin and thousands of other viewers, watching British ITN television news
broadcast in 1977.  The actual recording can be heard on the DVD: Conscious Circles, below. For the full story, read
pages 249-251 in 'On the Edge of Reality'
'On the Edge of Reality' is dedicated to Colin's best man and close friend, Reg Presley of the pop
band 'The Troggs' Reg sadly passed away February 4, 2013.
Colin's special page for Reg on this website.

Reg had a deja vu experience when he wrote the famous number
'Love is All Around' in about 10 minutes. Many other
musicians and artists experience prompts and forms of mental intervention to perform certain numbers etc.  My
friends Mike PInder of the
Moody Blues, Annie Haslam of Renaissance and Jon Anderson of Yes but to mention a few
have had these strange experiences.

Love is all around became the message Reg left with us. It became a huge hit for a second time around when it hit #1
in the British charts for 15 weeks, sung by
Wet Wet Wet and went on to be featured in the movie 'Four Weddings and a
Read the dedication to Reg in the book on pages 4-5

The Crossroads By Wayne Mason
Part 1. Pg 17.
Fig 4.3: Page 74 - The ring as its growing today where Colin
entered a bright white light in 1951.
Fig 4.2: Colin, Russian cosmonaut Marina Popovich and Dr. James
Harder attending a press conference at the USSR Consulate in San
Francisco in 1991.  Dr. Harder worked with Prof Allen Hynek on US
government official investigation into the UFO, called Blue Book.
Synthia (right) with Colin's brother, Peter and his wife Jean and children
Hayley and Helen as they visit and inspect the spot where the bright light
was - today a ring can still be seen.
Part 1: Conscious Circles - 'Circle Creations' By Wayne Mason. Pg 77.
Bridging the Edge: Non Ordinary Reality in ordinary Life -
Part Three. Stone Bridges Into Mystery Phenomena. By
Wayne Mason. Pg 125.
Figure 10:1: Pete Sorensen's artistic rendition of bent beams he and a fellow
researcher saw in the crop circle 'hot spot' of Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Page 158.....
read full account in the book
Figure. 10:2: Computer rendition of the Norway Spiral by artist Wayne Mason.
The reasoning which questioned the Russian explanation that it was their
out of control rocket. Read full account Pg 160 in the book......and
website - Spirals seen in other countries.
Bridging the Edge. 'Future Visioning' by Wayne Mason.
Pg 243.
Hidden Technology.
Cacooned in Hidden Technology. By Wayne
Mason. Pg 191
My Life Support Systems Index (LSSI). We can also
insert additional social trending in the same negative
territory, i.e. Religious and Political tension.

The LSSI shows stressed systems are moving
towards collapse, at the same time, a rise in
high-strangeness events gives promise of
breakthrough.....page 29 in the book......read more.
Colin's future Presentations - Select
Colin experienced blisters over his body after two strange experience with a bright light outside his bedroom window when he was five years old. Years later he was regressed by Dr. James
Harder (below) who also regressed Betty and Barney Hill and Travis Walton, following their close encounters.
How would you feel about your world if your neurons knew ahead of time which decisions you would make
- all decisions every time? In other words you are mapped out to make every decision you will ever make,
your life is not a collection of free will decisions but that you have been pre-mapped or interfered with by
another external mind. Is this what this new discovery truly means? A full six seconds before every decision
you make, certain neurons in your brain know ahead of time and pattern one particular way.  The
implications that your brain is not just conscious but IS consciousness. The idea that you may not be in
charge of where you are going is astounding. This scientific discovery further supports my view as
presented in my new DVD
'Conscious Circles' for example: That  every part of the crop circle phenomenon is
someone else's plan but a plan indeed and that each player has been hand selected to fulfill his/her various
roles leading to this extraordinary transition now taking place. Is it going to force us to ask not who God is
but what 'IT'  is?

Your consciousness knows who you are and therefor each decision can only go one way - unless something
else interferes!

Discussion about Neuron activity read pages: 55, 114 and 246297 and 31
"I think evidence exists that shows ETs or some other higher mind is grabbing our data stream which
controls human brain function.  The Higher mind is not only monitoring the flow and our evolution but is
controlling it.  Signals are inserted ahead of normal brain function by up to six seconds, which prompt
certain events or decisions.  The 0's and 1's with which computers and modern day digital systems
operate, I hypothesize humans have a strikingly similar system, based upon neuron activity. These mirror
neurons form specific shapes with yes or no decisions. All human brain function works on the same
principle i.e. 0= No and 1=Yes and its the constant stream of decisions (zero's and one's) is who we are
and what we will do.  I think its that simple. When we have fully understood these functions and ESP and its
interwoven associations, that will be the day we embrace the new reality which awaits and it will be the day
we will realize that nothing was the way it appeared before and we will have to forget everything we thought
we knew. We must hope that our master/s have good positive plans for us.? -
Colin Andrews

On the Edge of Reality: Humanity is on the verge of enormous change. There is no escaping the evidence.
A Higher MInd Is Nudging Us to A New Reality - The proof is in this book
and its clear that this is not 'our' plan.
Artwork in 'On the Edge of Reality'
By our friend and artist Wayne Mason
On the 15 January 2010, a single strange looking ring appeared on Australia's weather radar (top left). Within days more
designs appeared. Colin began to make inquiries and gather data. The Australian Bearo of Meteorology (BOM) first
explained them away as incomplete radar data, then as incorrect sensitivy settings and finally an admission that they didnt
know the source of what they called 'unknown interferences' on the whole national system. Many months later, an admission
came that regional weather modification was taking place but they didnt associated thed radar designs to that work.  If we
are to take the Governments current statement as fact, they dont yet have an explanation for the bizarre sequence of radar
patterns followed which I had discovered were quicklt followed by abrupt changes in weather.

Read the research on page 215 of the book and here are the many months of investigation did, starting
One of the biggest untold stories in crop circle history.
Nuclear Scientist and his family experienced military harassment from the
air and two periods of missing time while visiting a man-made crop circle.

A Scorpion design appeared which had more than a sting in its tail.
The design was made by crop circle maker Robert Irving.

On May 23, 1994 A crop circle appeared south east of Silbury Hill which resembled a Scorpion.

The CPRI team consisting of a nuclear scientist, his wife and Mother drove across two counties to investigate
and gather data for Colin, who was at that time at home in Connecticut.

While two of them entered the field, a very low flying military helicopter appeared over their heads and hovered
slowly a few hundred yards north to sit on the peak of the ancient earth mound known as Silbury Hill. The
scientist remained with their car and filmed video of events unfolding. Inside the formation both researchers
took 35mm photographs until both camera failed.  Shortly thereafter and about to start their drive home, they
were greeted by a black vehicle with left hand drive (right hand in UK) heading head on towards them on the
wrong side of the road.

Then blank -  - - - - - 45 minutes later the three found themselves in the avenue, a short country road which
connects the village of Avebury with the major A4 highway to its south.  To have driven to the spot they found
themselves would have been around 2 - 3 minutes max.

They felt very dehydrated and hungry and agreed to drive back roads towards their home town to get to a
store for a snack, then again - blank. . . . . .

Two hours later, they found themselves on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire and driving in the wrong
direction for their home.  They had no idea how they got there or where they had been in all of that time. From
the previous location to Andover at average speed should have taken around 40 minutes but 2 hours???

That night they felt sourness on the backs of their necks and each found a red prick mark.  To add to the
inexplicable experience they each had severe nose bleeds before morning of the following day.

Colin flew to England to carry out a second in depth interview with each, after already speaking at length via

I spoke with UFO researchers and regression experts, Budd Hopkins and John Mack, whom I knew.  They both
kindly offered help and to regress the witnesses if they agreed - they did not.  The primary concern for the
three was the fact that the Nuclear Scientist works on top secret work for the UK and US and feared his name
becoming embroiled with the event.

This man had a second high strangeness experience shortly before the UFO event which is discussed on page
134 of the book.  A dark sinister shadow floated around him as he took part in a surveillance operation which
Colin was involved with Nippon Television.

Colin has not given up on one or more of these witnesses agreeing to regression to see if any new information
can be recovered - as controversial as regression results are.  
This photograph taken at approximately 11.30 am on the May 23, 1994 of the military helicopter. This incident took place approximately 45 minutes
before the first period of missing time. CPR Archive also holds the video footage of this helicopter landed on top of Silbury Hill, facing the
investigators and just before two periods of missing time. Below a still shot of it landing.
Mystery Radar interference across Australia
More research on Consciousness - HERE
Search for any other subject you want to know more about above.
Contact with Colin
Select STORE for Colin and Synthia's books.
Keep checking back - more to come.
The whole stage was set for the crop circle subject TO
begin after a UFO landed in a field near Winchester in
1976 - The ET's told a middle aged couple, 'This is our
field' and showed them the circles and rings which would
appear there.  And so it came to pass throughout the
following 39 years. The full story in DVD
and in our book on pages 247-25.
Select link to check out details of one of the most strange
stories you will ever read about -
The Winchester Cluster
where the crop circle subject was born, following a UFO
landing and a message

Many strange reports come from a small area at the southern base of the ancient 'Silbury Hill' earth mound.

Among them: A Police Sergeant Witnessed three tall beings (above) - Read report

Numerous reports of UFOs are reported from the area immediately adjacent to Silbury Hill, including this one
captured by Colin himself (above) -
An unknown object captured on a single frame of several taken by Colin while visiting the area in 2003.
Artist Wayne Mason's impression of what the police officer witnessed
in the field at the base of the hill.  The officer and his wife have had life
changing experiences following this.
The Silbury Hill Stargate - A hot spot for High Strangeness reports
Seemingly unmarked military helicopter landing on Silbury Hill and keeping the nuclear scientist and his family
under observation just minutes before the high strangeness events took place.
Were the military involved in some special operation which involved these researchers or were they aware
someone else's plan was about to be carried out?  
My Wish For Mother Earth
A Poem by
Colin Andrews on the new CD
Action Moves People.
Synthia and I woke simultaneously one night while sleeping at her parents
house in Connecticut.
A light filled the room and we could not move, during this period we were given information about a triangle.  
This high strangeness experience ranks among the most impactfull and long lasting. We witnessed each
others connection with an unknown source. I was given information related to the crop circles and Stonehenge
etc and Synthia about the same form on the body related to healing etc  ...........Read full account on page 94
'On the Edge of Reality' and also chapter 3 in Synthia's book 'The Path of Energy' which was inspired by the
information given that night.  
In a period of 12 months in 1976 and 1977, two High Strangeness events took place which set the
scene for the crop circle subject, researching them, making them and the tapestry of human
experiences, tweaked by an unknown mind behind.
The British Army working with Andrews and Delgado
filmed a UFO overlooking Silbury Hill
The LSSI trends, all leading to this time - The
Crossroads and escalation in High Strangeness Events
The strange new cases of an object that looks like
a black plastic bag

Page 152 in the book:

We stopped to look more closely, and the object immediately began to alter. It lifted up and flattened out.

We still tried to convince ourselves that it was just a black plastic garbage bag caught in an unusual
current of air, but both of us felt our attention was electrified. So engrossed were we that we didn’t notice
a clutch of rooks (crows) gathering in one of the pine trees across the street. Suddenly, we were shocked
when the birds took flight and the entire flock attacked the bag. They dove at it, pecked it, and pulled on
it. With each assault, the object rolled, losing the bag-like contours that gave the rooks something to
grab. Within a few seconds it was rolled into a tube shape with smooth, curved edges that looked like
rubber. It was so black it felt as if it absorbed light and carried more density than a normal object. What
happened next was the biggest shock of all. . . . read book for full story.

Andrews, Colin; Andrews, Synthia (2013-08-24). On the Edge of Reality (p. 152). New Page Books. Kindle
Below are two videos of what looks like very similar or the same object as we saw in Wales, UK:

Thanks to Doug Auld:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrDh3VZFdWM#t=759
Posted January 17, 2014
New Development
Very Tall Being Filmed in the same location - Interview by JAIME MAUSSAN

Go to 12:00
for this footage
Updated: June 6, 2014

Military Photos Confirm Swirl
(Down Page)
Page 112, Chapter 'Fields and Forces'
British Military photographs showed that a circle had been revisited and changed.

A Military Helicopter engaged in NATO exercises photographed several crop circles at Westbury,
Wiltshire, England at 3.05 PM on 4th August, 1987. Colin had discovered the same circles minutes
before the military craft also spotted them. The army pilot secured photographs that showed one
of the circles direction of swirl was counter clockwise when discovered (also confirmed in Colin's
own photos but four days later when investigated by Andrews, Meaden and Delgado, the direction
had become confused and re-visited by what had to have been a clockwise force, causing the
plants to form clumps or pinnacles woven into the original counterclockwise  lay.  
One of the Photographs taken by British military helicopter, showing
the circle swirl concerned (bottom right) which can be seen to be
Colin Andrews photograph happen to capture the same military
helicopter taking the photograph (left) which enabled him to trace
the craft and confirm the swirl details at that moment.
Some other military and police
surveillance photographs can be seen
Also an invaluable source, read
'Government Circles'
The three photographs above were taken by Colin Andrews four days after discovery
and shows the effects assumed to be created by a revising clockwise rotating force.  
See page 112 in On the Edge of Reality and the original report from Circles
Phenomenon Research International (CPRI) archives. Please excuse the typos - below.

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