Exerts from a future book
By Colin Andrews

April, 2007—Colin Andrews.
December 7, 2008
"A free bail out is what they give the bankers.  A loan is what they grant the workers" - A
quote today from an auto worker in Detroit. This follows the $700 billion bail out given to
the banking industry recently and this weeks request from the CEOs of the major US auto
companies for $32 billion to save the industries from bankruptcy.

November 29, 2008
"Where ever possible, make your passion your life" - Todd Secki
What ever the agenda or cause, the death of innocent people everywhere is intolerable and
represents sick minds and a time past.  If there is to be a tomorrow at all, the innocent lives lost in
Iraq, Africa, America, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, England,  India.......and throughout our
world must stop.  We must find a common place from where to talk, compromise, tolerate and
grow as truly spiritual beings.  If there is to be a morally acceptable war it must be against those
who declare a hell bend to destroy the innocent in pursuit of some ideology craved in darkness.
After all reasonable human endeavours, and we are left with a people without spirit, we will have
exposed our true problem..  November 29, 2008
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So Come On.

Slow Down.

The Straw that Broke the Camels Back.


Would you credit it
Inspiration & a New Mind-Set ?

We Must Give Our Children Hope.

Childhood Dreams

There is a river flowing now very fast.

We the people draw the line

2010 is but a number

2010 Predictions from ...Beyond
"From UFOs to the Global Old Boys Club - We the People Draw The Line.

There is no more time to play along with the rules and engineered social
scenery produced by the
global old boys club from the past. The old
paradigm is not just getting chaotic thankfully its dying and we now step
forward over the threshold into potential for the goals sought by all previous
generations: Truth, peace, justice, love and true representation. Respectful of
all and with a new mindset we start off with natural laws:

First every government on Earth should formulate a DEPARTMENT OF
PEACE. Now is the time for there is no place any longer for the lies, the
spin the greed and the power games these people from the past play. - WE

Colin Andrews at CSETI conference in Rio Rica, Arizona 26 Oct 2009.

...."This isn't something that will go away.  Humankind is folding along a seam that has to
align before it can bend and somehow, someone is working the actions onto the page, but
bend it will at the right moment.

Our new tomorrows are about to change for ever and nothing will be the same again.  With
what we are to learn in the coming weeks, a whole society will appear in a kind of shock,
astonishment and yet "Enlightened"............
"Its not religions that drive us apart its the fanatics within them and the same can be said about
politics" - Colin Andrews
Following a program by Ratchel Maddow
By Colin Andrews
Posted November 7, 2010

"This belief by politicians that they need to be seen to oppose and disagree with the
other guy to be doing their job, is Stone-age thinking. In this over populated and
delusional but complex world, time is running out fast and so we MUST demand
truth and compromise on ALL fronts and dammed soon. Think about our children,
our planet and get involved" - Colin Andrews.


"We Are But A Handshake  With Nature In The Fabric Of Time.........."
Nov 7, 2010  
Following a program by Ratchel
By Colin Andrews
Posted November 7, 2010

"This belief by politicians
that they need to be seen to
oppose and disagree with
the other guy, to be doing
their job, is stone-age
thinking. In this over
populated and delusional
but complex world, time is
running out fast and so we
MUST demand truth and
compromise on ALL fronts
and dammed soon. Think
about our children, our
planet and get involved"
Colin Andrews.


Following recent assurances by U.S. Government nuclear 'experts' that the nuclear industry
in the United States is safe because the United States represents
THE Gold Standard.
gave us all but the obvious truth for the large quantities of sea life washing up dead
around the Gulf Coast, they said had nothing to do with the catastrophic BP oil spill and
application of millions of gallons of chemical dispersant.... Right!

Colin Andrews - March 29, 2011:

"We have to keep on top of these people and not let them out of our sight,
less they once again appear in the new period we are in transition to. We
didn't reach this time easily nor for no good reason - The lies and spin
we came to accept as normal in our daily lives is past. Everything is
changing, the people are waking

It will take more than spin to put this mess right, it will take integrity,
partnership and a willingness to be real".
Following filmmaker Terje Toftenes statement on Circlemakers TV, May 18, 2011 - by Colin Andrews:

"As the coming weeks arrive and events unfold in the fields and more strange things
happen to researchers and human circlemakers we will begin to see that out of the misty,
murky past will be seen the true prize in it all.

There will be though a small group who have knowingly fooled others for personal gain
who will be seen for who and what they are but most importantly an extraordinary mystery,
more intriguing and significant than we ever expected will consolidate itself - an
intelligent process of which we are but part will become more clear.

The crop circle phenomenon is not going away because more people are getting smart and
seeing the truth, its about to take a new leap forward into the paranormal because that is
what was there to be seen from the beginning, but lost in the divisions of the time.  This
time we will ALL be players, and I believe some already know this".

Colin Andrews - Posted May 20, 2011

Full article HERE
"Why is it that the
human race behave so
counter intuitively when
it comes to their own
survival? Is there a
reason that we have not
yet considered, like
being hijacked by a
extraterrestrial specie
for its own ends?
Manipulating our hive
and utilizing our DNA
material as we travel a
common journey around
the Milky Way Galaxy?
Here is another example
of insects hijacking
others to do their own
dirty work – Again we
can pose the question
“Are the Bees watching
you? – It poses a new
approach to the
question of what is the
UFO and who are those

Colin Andrews
May, 2011

Actioning These Words Alone Could Make The Difference - Pray We Learn Soon.
My Heart Needs a Boost, Please Join Me Today.
Colin Andrews August 14, 2011 - My thanks to Jean Andrews.
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Great Quotes from Great Leaders
“Among the numerous multiplex and coinciding issues we are watching and experiencing as
we approach 2012, one is
The Perfect Social Storm which is now brewing, and governments
know this.
Their typical political word games, sleight of hand and swinging mirrors have stopped working
and they can’t find a foothold on how to deal with the first signs of a new changing world.
This time "Change" IS indeed coming. This is what 2012 is about. This has always been
I will show evidence that my 3 decades of research into the crop circle phenomenon proves
we are not alone on this extraordinary journey and that there is an important time line at work
and we are part of it”.
Colin Andrews
Posted: Oct 14, 2011
Colin will present at
The 2012 Gateway to Your Future Conference,
University Toronto – Oct 22/23
Today's LIVE interview.   To Attend HERE.
This is What '2012' Is All About
“Politics used to be about doing something but
now its about being someone”.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady
Words of the week
February 3, 2012
Colin Andrews interview this week.
“Dysfunctional Realities are competing in a world that our
angels and guides cry out to resolve.

The gift of super-realities exists to facilitate enormous transition but deceivers hold us back and hence
slow our advancement. The bells are ringing and trumpets sound as we reach a new critical time.

We must NOW push forward with what-ever it takes, under, over or around the deceivers for they shall
no longer keep the past from also being our future. The truths are being uncovered and will become the
norm as we approach the fast track journey to a better place. This new journey has begun” – Colin
Andrews A link of support:
“Time" and  also http://www.kickstarter.
“First the Earth, then....... our souls. While we all argue, our Earth, our soul is dying”
Colin Andrews in the movie Circular Evidence  HERE
Thanks to Dr. Synthia Andrews

"You never broke me. No I never turn back, unbroken spirit of my life. . . . There is a dream which
testifies I will be saved…There is a song tells me everything will pass, everything……There will be a
time when the clock runs faster than my life. Unbroken spirit of my life..”
Jon Anderson (of Yes):
Great new song -  Select : 14mins 35 secs in
Thanks to Andy Young (Scotland)
When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest?
Oscar Wilde
“The circumstances of your life do not describe and can not constrain the greatness of your soul”.
Dr. Synthia Andrews
I love my heart and soul - I love all humanity - Join hearts and souls together - Love peace and harmony: HERE
For my brother David, who was a quiet giant, invisible while making things work for others: Colin. HERE
“Circumcision - No parent or religion has the right to disfigure a child for life, based upon their religious
beliefs. They don’t own the child, they helped create the gift of life itself. A wheel of change in the right
direction thanks to a
German court which judged the ritual as grievous bodily harm” – Colin Andrews
thanks to Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

“July 4th, 2012 - It’s never too late to take back a dream - Let us this week honor the rights of every person and perpetuate the
highest good for all concerned. Noble men decreed that America would be a government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the
people, and government would ultimately enhance life for every person abiding in this land.
The Secret of the Universe
TIME: "Stand before me on the sign of infinity, all you of the Earth.
With the granting of the law of provination comes the application of CHANGE
I will give you the key.
And with this knowledge, please realise, comes the responsibility of sharing it.
I will show you the way".
HERE Speakers on please
“The Earth can produce
enough food for everyone’s
needs but not enough for
everyone’s greed”
Colin Andrews Wildlife Photography
'Nothing is illegal if a
hundred businessmen decide
to do it"
- Andrew Young
From Synthia and Colin Andrews
new book:
On the Edge of Reality
"We can influence the world with
heart-felt intention. It requires two
essential elements. First, that we
begin by working on our own inner
issues and polarities to become clear
in our motives, needs and intent.
Second, that we approach this work
with sincere honesty and love.
these accomplished, we are well
placed to lead our leaders.

The fact that people are feeling
the need to help change future
conditions is a good sign; even
better are the results showing
that the process works.“ –
and Colin Andrews.

By Doretta Wildes: Called to Mourn. : A gloomy fact of life in the technological age: There’s a little Monsanto in
each of us. Many Americans eat Monsanto every day via its GMOs and lingering pesticides. The sky appeared to
be mourning that fact yesterday.
Read in full
It is conceivable that in the blink of an
evolutionary eye, what we have
commonly termed 'Climate Change' has
reached its
'd' day, i.e. 'Changed'.
- Colin Andrews

"I refuse to be a member of  clubs only that of an
Earth citizen. Division and destruction can be
guaranteed by that separation from the one. Our
roots and our future are seeded within Mother Earth
and her nature. All beyond that is of man’s doing and
today is the result"
Colin Andrews
We must educate and take care of
our children and ensure we
enable the world around them to
manifest hope.

Colin Andrews comment of the day.

“The world view about everything
is as distorted as the guy holding
the microphone at the time,
whether its political leaders or
Intelligence strategists or who ever,
just as Wikipedia shapes each
subject or entry with the views of
biased editors, some obviously with
an agenda and who believe if they
say it is so, it is so.

Finding truth in this carbuncle is a
hard task, those truths that are
essential for our progress.
Regrettably in the current tide both
truth and progress are in trouble".

Colin Andrews comments - 2014
Dedication to my brother Peter and sister Valerie
Its time for quiet - HERE
September 5, 2014 - Colin Andrews
"Its time for Quiet
time for talking is over"
"Laws that do not control,
but sanction the barberry of
it's citizens, belong to a
country that has lost it's soul"
From the movie 'Belle'
"I often wonder why
the wonderment at
nature is everything
to some and invisible
to others"
October 20, 2014
Wickedpedia and the world?

The world has become as distorted as the guy holding the microphone. Most sane thinkers believe the future will
be a better place if we deal with the truth, the facts, no matter how unpalatable they might be. Just as Wikipedia
has clearly become as bias and corrupt of true facts as their mysterious editors, when someone somewhere
dictates. Freedom and truths are not reached by an easy route and that path is in trouble. - Colin Andrews -
October 20th, 2014

A previous link in archive.
Ebola and potential consequences.
This a discussion in our family:

Yes, we know there are too many
humans on the planet, we know we
are living an unsustainable life-style,
we know that a big change is
necessary, possibly including a large
die-off and yet when it potentially
rears its ugly head we pray it goes
away and life goes on as before;
human nature I guess. I think in
addition to taking a breather from the
fear we should all have well-stocked
pantries with bulk items with long
shelf lives just in case there are
periods of time ahead when it would
be advisable to hunker down and stay

Posted October 20, 2014.
Colin Andrews
Thanks to Jadina Lilien
Posted January 13, 2015

These are words to live by, now as never before. Received today from a good friend: Thought to share this
again...in these momentous times of unyielding sides and unsheathed swords:

"Today, I declare my war with you to be over.

I will no longer grip your throat or hold a sword to your sides for I no longer seek to be better than you, to be
greater than you, or to be worthier than you.

I have sent my high horse scampering gratefully towards the wilds whence it came; all I have is my broken
feet - tethered to the dark and mushy dirt as yours are, our common heritage.

And though I sometimes see the world in ways that are different in your vision, I recognize that my visions
could not possibly thrive if yours aren't breathing, and that no gaze is complete, total or absolute; I recognize
that we are allies in ways that transcend our games of belief, of creed, and of sides. We are siblings in
wordless places.

I no longer see you as fodder for my salvation, as flotsam on the ocean of my inner promiscuities, as the
circumference of a circle that revolves around me. We are the circle - together, you and I - and yet part of a
circle with no conceivable circumference and no sacred essences.

I have given up on the race that promised the heavens to both of us - and yet silently cast us in a drama of
finish lines, broken tapes and polished trophies...in the game of winners and losers, of sinners and angels. Let
my legacy, my memory, my enlightenment be you - in all your messiness, in your threadbare vulnerability.

Today, I bring a plate of peace-porridge to your fleshy feet - not to embrace you as a convenient other, not to
climb higher towards the neon light of moral superiority, not to obey a distant creed - but to recognize you as
my now-source, my destiny, my middle-places, and my wonderful contradiction.

Today I reclaim you - we are together royals of fleeting kingdoms, orphans of the lost, co-weavers of the
present, magnificent beyond our words, our boundaries, our stampede for power, our realities, and the
curious ideas that suggest you and I are separate and undone.

Today my war with you ends. I see you.”

- Bayo Akomolafe

Behind what appears to be extremely illogical actions across the entire multiplex of human activity, I see a
brilliant logic, hidden because it is out of sync with normal expectations ( Inattentional Blindness )and is
dismantling the old because it hasn't worked. This is breaking countries, religions and wealthy controlling
institutions (mark my words). The apparent illogic is masking a brilliant machine (or mind), capable of
resolving the most complex issues for the creator.
- By Colin Andrews with music by Joe Gooch
June 25, 2015
Our Survival Depends Up Two Keys on The Keyboard.
Why and how is it that we have allowed money, any amount of it, to dictate what we are capable of doing for
our survival?  Why would zero and one's or any amount or the old equivalent 'paper notes' be allowed to
regulate the natural actions we sense are demanded of us, as climate change accelerates? Our home, 'Planet
Earth' is taking steps it has to for 'its' survival, due to changing conditions and while we have all the same
signals to do the same we allow ourselves to be regulated by two key strokes on the computer key boards of a
select few humans? It’s extraordinary to me how insane this whole journey has become. Any amount of money
you want to name is now only how we use zero and one's on a keyboard.

Rewards for effort or work done has in the past been an exchange of goods, gold, copper etc but has been
superseded by mind games and crimes played out by a new generation of criminals. We give them respectful
names, like 'The Bank of England', ‘Bank of America’, 'The Federal Reserve' or Morgan Stanley etc.
– Colin Andrews
A reminder to the Universe of the music and the loss of my friend Reg Presley  I miss him.
Continued love and warm thoughts to Bren, Karen, Jason and his Grand-children - Colin
June 12th, 1941
Feb 4th, 2013
No accident and utter loss of our incredible and rare creatures.
Colin Andrews - November 5, 2015
Anthem:  "We asked for signs, the signs were sent":
Thanks to Dave Haith (UK)

Life is all about just taking the
next step.

Each of us are powerful beings. History has shown that the ones
who think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
But how?
Posted January 6th, 2016
Left to right: San-Marino 1990's: Colin Andrews (UK) with Michael
Hesemann (Germany) interviewing Lt Crnl Philip Corso (USA) former
military advisor President Eisenhower
1995, Topeslan, Mexico: Colin (left) investigating
outstanding UFO reports and photographs/video by
Carlos Diaz (right):
But How?
Huge peace movement completely surrounds a US/UK military base, Greenham Common, England, at which nuclear armed cruize missiles were
secretly kept in controvention of UK statute. As tensions increased between the western powers and the Soviet Union, the world came close to the brink.

1982: Colin spent several days with the protesters. Over the weeks and months, eventually years, the protesters made it impossible for the military to
transport the missiles in or out of the bases and both the Soviets and Americans were forced back to negociate peace. The multi-billion US/UK facility
was eventualy closed. Peace!  What a concept - Colin
Photos and text Copyright - Colin Andrews

Archive Videos:  1 - 2 - 3  
It is how we use our innate power and wisdom - we were not born with guns in our hands or nuclear detonators. A good
thing to remember in all things we do, as well as eat, is that if it comes from a plant (factory) worry about it. If it comes
from a plant (vegetation) consider it is good. Within us we have a creation totally supreme and masterful, i.e.
A product of an electro-chemical process, activated and apportioned to assist us on our journey.

The big deal that worries those who don't want us to embrace who we are as spiritual beings, because of their own short
sighted reasons is this:
Silence can be your friend and your power, to be used wisely. Just as creating hell can open locked doors. Its simple and
effective and nature tested it. To have faith in ourselves and not those who profess to be our masters is key. -
CA posted Jan 6th, 2016
"Two examples in my
own work where
silence was greatly
advantageous and one
where all hell let loose
but opened doors
between three great
super powers and
removed their nuclear
cruise missiles and
brought them to the
peace table. A bonus
being that the secret
base was also closed.

Yes, PEACE.  What a
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso (rtd)
If true, extremely important claims related
to the Roswell UFO incident and others,
including the back engineering of crashed
extraterrestrial technologies, discovered in
crashed vehicles.

Corso was on the staff of President
Eisenhower's National Security Council for
four years (1953–1957) and in 1961, he
became Chief of the Pentagon's Foreign
Technology desk in Army Research and
Development, working under Lt. Gen.
Arthur Trudeau.

Posts held within the United States
Military:  Battalion Commander of
European Air Defense
Intel Staff Officer Plans & Estimate
Branch GHQ Far East Command
Chief Special Project Branch G-2 Section
of the HQ AFFE 8000th AU Command
Chief Foreign Technology Division of the
United States Department of Defense
Staff Officer in the Plans Division OCRD
Washington DC, Fort Riley.
Moody Blues: Lost in a Lost World
Lyrics by Mike Pinder
I woke up today, I was crying,
Lost in a lost world.
So many people are dying,
Lost in a lost world.
Some of them are living an illusion,
Bounded by the darkness of their minds.
In their eyes it's nation against
nation against nation,
With racial pride.
Sad hearts they hide
Thinking only of themselves,
They shun the light,
(somehow they shun the light)
They think they're right,
(somehow they think they're right)
Living in their empty shells.

Oh, can you see their world is crashing
(so many people, so many people)
Crashing down around their feet
And angry people in the street,
Are telling them they've had their fill
(so many people)
Of politics that wound and kill
(so many people)
Grow, the seeds of evolution
(so many people, so many people)
Revolution never won
It's just another form of gun
To do again what they have done
(so many people, so many people)
[ Find more Lyrics at
www.mp3lyrics.org/9Uhn ]
With all our brothers, youngest sons.
(so many people, so many people)

Everywhere you go you'll
see them searching
Everywhere you turn you'll feel the pain
Everyone is looking for the answer
Well look again.
Come on my friend,
Love will find them in the end
Come on my friend, we've got to bend
On our knees and say a prayer.

Oh, can you feel the world is pining
(so many people, so many people)
Pining for someone who really cares
Enough to share his love,
With all of us so we can be
(so many people)
An ever loving family.
(so many people)

Oh, have you forgotten we're all children
(so many people, so many people)
Children from a family tree
That's longer than a centipede
And started long ago when you and I
(so many people, so many people)
Were only love--
(so many people, so many people)

I woke up today, I was crying,
Lost in a lost world,
So many people are dying,
Lost in a lost world.
So many people, so many people, people
Lost in a lost world
So many people, so many people, people
Lost in a lost world.

Note: One of the most bizarre
conversations Ive had during my
decades of research into the UFO was
over dinner with Mike Pinder and
guitarist Gregg Whelch, who had
attended my presentation in Los Angeles
in 1995. You may know that Mike and
the Moody Blues had several high
strangeness events. Very impressive and
for many, the outcome has been life
changing. Mike talked of the
circumstances that lead to the music and
words he was returned to Earth to
produce. Very odd indeed but they did
indeed change the mind set of thousands
Thanks to Johanna Sayre (USA)
Embrace the Shadow and the Light
by Parker J. Palmer (@ParkerJPalmer),  Columnist

'The Thing Is'
"We cant know what secrets are within for we are
built of the stuff of magic and illusion. Behaving as
real is the best way of dealing with this ever
changing magical world. Allow dreams and the
mysterious to appear and your world will be a more
complete experience. Observe and be observed". -
Colin Andrews
4 June, 2016
'Lost in a lost world'. Colin with
Mike Pinder of 'The Moddy
Blues'  in Los Angeles, 1995.
'Best Years of Our Lives'
Patrick Moraz.
'The Moody Blues' and 'Yes'
Colin with Patrick,  19th July 2017