That huge floating pyramid reminds me of the standing obelisk in the movie 2001- A
Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. It exudes awesome power.

Remember when this was a big screen cinematic event? Here's a 2 minute clip reminder:
Lindy continues:

I also know it could be a hologram, ....Technology that was being developed in
the late 60's. There's a declassified US CIA/tech report saying they were going to
use a hologram of the Virgin Mary to distract the populace of Cuba before

Looking at the wormhole spirals, I just shake my head and ask how I would feel if
it appeared over my head. It gives me a very uncomfortable feeling.

One failed rocket launch...OK, but this second and now third wormhole, it's
some type of technology...ours or "theirs". And just Russia and China now?? If it's
man made, could it be dazzling the population for a faked invasion or are we
opening wormholes and we have no idea what will be coming through? We may
have opened a Pandora's box.

Either that, or it's advanced Tesla technology or a result of the experiments of the
Hadron Collider. Whatever it is, there's nothing to save us from it, and we'll have
to go along with another frame of mind and frame of reference or get busy finding
one. Look at ufos.....60 years of it and where are we?

We could ask the same of modern crop circles, almost 40 years of that.
Lindy Tucker

The Crop Circles Revealed The Same "Signs" in 2002.
By Colin Andrews

Below are a few of my photographs from the Andrews Archives of crop circle
patterns to remind us of similar designs that have appeared in the fields. Note
that in England within a period of 35 days during the summer of 2002 a spiral
pattern similar to that seen in Norway and a Pyramid like that seen the same night
in Russia also appeared in the fields and in the same sequence.

The spiral has been a common theme or family group throughout the 30 years of
crop circle designs.  1,275 of these designs can be seen in the back of my last
crop circle book
Crop Circles - Signs of Contact.
An interesting communication from my friend
Lindy Tucker.

The Dec. 9 Norway lights and Kremlin pyramid UFO had world-wide media impact.
Evaluating whether the Dec. 9 Norway light, Kremlin pyramid UFO, and Russia and
China vortex lights are either an (1) extraterrestrially-induced phenomenon or (2)
Project Blue Beam mass psychological warfare operations is a matter of scientific
and pattern discernment.

Watch footage below of Floating nightime pyramid over Moscow (same night as
Norway spiral).

Floating daytime pyramid over Moscow.

Second spiral/vortex over Russia.

Wormhole/spiral over China (starts at 37 seconds) Dec.11, 2009.

Both the China and the Russia vortex lights appear susceptible to interpretation as
either (1) failures of a missile or similar aerospace hardware; (2) extraterrestrial or
interdimensionally induced phenomena or (3) HAARP or other electromagnetically
induced plasma light phenomena.

UFO flying over the Kremlin in Moscow, Red Square
Stonehenge - Copyright
Colin Andrews 1996.
Near Barbury Castle - Copyright
Colin Andrews 1994
Windmill Hill - Copyright
Colin Andrews 1996.
Barbury Castle - Copyright
Colin Andrews 1999
Milk Hill - Copyright
Busty Taylor 2001
Bratton - Operation Blackbird -
Copyright Colin Andrews 1990
West Overton - Nr Policeman
ET sighting 2009. Copyright
Colin Andrews 2002.
Beacon Hill. Copyright
Colin Andrews 2002
2002 both designs appeared within days.
The sky spiral in Norway represents the rise of the kundalini.
An E-mail to Colin from researcher and author Joseph E. Mason
  Contact with Joe:

Dear Colin,

Carl Johan Calleman wrote that the sky spiral in Norway
represents the rise of the kundalini. He may very well be right.
I updated my article about the 2007 kundalini type crop circle -- The Yatesbury
Field Spiral Crop

Included is this remarkable quote --

On the day it was opened on a cosmic level it is said that the whole atmosphere
was filled with tremendous chaitanya (divine life force energy-vibrations) and there
was tremendous light in the sky, and the whole thing came on the Earth.

This came from the meditative experience of a woman on May 5, 1970. It is called,
the "Opening Of The Primordial Sahasrara," which is the Crown Chakra, through
which the kundalini emerges.

There are quite a few connections to 2012, including the 11:11 phenomenon.

This is another --

The name Quetzalcoatl is derived from the quetzal bird of Guatemala and Mexico.  
The quetzal had golden-green and scarlet plumage, and was considered the most
beautiful of all birds.  "Quetzal" also means precious.  'Coatl' is serpent.  In the
Maya language, 'Kukulcan' means approximately the same thing.  According to
Hunbatz Men, 'Ku' is sacred, God.  'Kul' is coccyx, the base of the spine, where
latent spiritual energy resides.  'Can' means serpent.

'Kukulcan' therefore is synonymous with 'kundalini' -- which is what the Kukulcan /
Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course.  To be iconographically correct,
however, the god Quetzalcoatl is not himself the feathered serpent, but the one
who emerges from the serpent, just as the spirit emerges from the body through
the top of the head, and the Morning Star emerges from the horizon.

Just prior to the event in Norway, I happend to find Geoff Stray's article --

Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Awakening? by Geoff Stray:

[Excerpt]: John Major Jenkins has also published a book called The Pyramid of
Fire, in which he tracks down a lost Aztec codex that proves what has been
speculated by various researchers over the years – that the religion of the Toltecs,
based around Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, known to the Maya as
Kukulcan – was originally about the concept of an evolutionary energy that lies
dormant at the base of the human spine.  The concept is almost identical to the
Hindu concept of Kundalini – the fire serpent that can be released from its slumber
and raised up the spine, energising the power zones or chakras, until it
reaches the crown chakra. ...[End of excerpt]

Another article has similar ideas --

Mayan End Times Prophecy 12-21-2012

[Excerpts]:  CHICCHAN is the serpent mind, the mind that is constantly renewed
and regenerated, through a process of shedding what no longer serves us.  The
physical body itself can be seen as an evolutionary skin periodically released, as
one life ends and another begins.  It is a body fueled ultimately by a form of solar
energy the Maya call kultunlilni.

Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development.  
This crucial life-force is the same as what is known in Hindu cosmology as the
serpent power: kundalini.  Kundalini is the great evolutionary force making of each
body and its occupant, a potentially powerful source of solar wisdom. ..

A most fascinating ancient Native American archaeological site found in Ohio, USA,
called the "Great Serpent Mound", features an undulating snake's body, its coiled
tail reminiscent of the Kundalini lying dormant in the sacrum.  In its mouth appears
an egg, symbol of the potential actualization of Second Birth....[End of excerpts]

The kundalini is associated with the Divine Feminine. Some say this equates to the
Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition.

Our Circlemakers may also be the Spiralmakers!


Joseph E. Mason
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A Spiral Lesson in Crop Circles
1990 - 2001
The Norway Spiral - Dont worry its just a song??
Many comments and ideas are still
being received.  This one fromRoy Savill:

This is a ‘Vortex Star Gate’ from another
dimension. If anyone has ever wondered
how advanced our cousins really are;
then believe this to be one of their

They are aware of the evil that is now
dominating our beautiful Earth. This will
end when they arrive. Do not be afraid if
you have been a good person, but, be
very afraid if you have been evil.
One mile wide Pyramid UFO over Red
Square Moscow the same night as
the Norway Spiral.  Did Pravda try and
hide the date?
See bottom of this page.
Pravda hides link between Kremlin UFO pyramid &
Norway light spiral
December 19, 5:45 AMHonolulu Exopolitics ExaminerMichael Salla, Ph.D

Daytime video of Kremlin UFO video - On December 18, the English
edition of Russia’s Pravda newspaper ran a story on a pyramid UFO
sighting over the Kremlin, Moscow that day. The report cited amateur
videos taken of the sighting by hundreds of cell phones. The only
problem was that the pyramid UFO actually appeared on December 9,
the same day of the mysterious Norway Spiral Lights, and one day
before President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech. Was it simply a
mistake or was Pravda deliberately trying to confuse the public over the
Moscow sighting reported 9 days earlier by various Russian and
Western media sources? More importantly, was Pravda trying to
downplay any possible link between the Norway Light spiral and the UFO
pyramid over the Kremlin?

On Dec 9, 2009, a mysterious light spiral appeared over Norway. One
day later, Russia announced that a Bulava missile test had failed. This
was accepted by most Western analysts as the most plausible
explanation for the Norway light spiral. The Norway lights spiral preceded
President Obama’s December 10 Nobel Peace Prize speech where
nuclear disarmament was prominently featured. Around the same time
these events were taking place, two amateur videos first surfaced of a
mysterious mile wide pyramid shaped UFO appearing over Moscow’s
Kremlin City. The Moscow UFO pyramid appeared for several hours on
December 9 and raised the possibility of a link with the Norway spiral
lights. Was the failed missile test caused by extraterrestrials wanting to
signal to the Russian Federation that nuclear weapons development was
not in the best interests of Russia or the world? Did the extraterrestrials
responsible for the failed test and/or linked to the Norway light spiral,
then appear over Moscow’s seat of political and military power - the
Kremlin? The alleged failed missile test, the Norway Spiral lights, Moscow
UFO pyramid, and Obama’s Peace Prize speech, point to a startling
conclusion. Extraterrestrials have begun to openly act in ways that
directly influence the national security policies of the world’s two major
nuclear powers: the US and Russia……..Full story:
The Orion Conspiracy: Interesting to note the spiraling
missile shot down by HAARP 60% into the movie BEFORE
it allegedly happened over Norway.
2002 both designs appeared within days.
Dont forget this strange effect seen over Moscow earlier this year.

Thanks to the research of our correspondent Arash Amini, we now have irrefutable
scientific proof  that the Norway Spiral could not have been a missile.

Even if the Spiral was positioned just past the mountains in the below photograph, as it
appears to be, the missile exhaust would need to be rotating more than twice as fast as
the highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth -- which was clocked at 318 miles per
hour, in the middle of a tornado!

The story begins with a video by Kevin Martin, who was the first to demonstrate, via his
clever investigative work with Google Earth, exactly where the mountains in the following
photograph are located. It is a delicious irony that the hard work of a dedicated skeptic
provided the very data that completely destroys  the official cover-up story, once and for
all -- even as he was stridently hoping to defend  it.

Kevin's video, where he argues in favor of the official explanation, can be watched here.
As this 100-percent verbatim transcript reveals, he takes a condescending, strangely
inarticulate and thus inadvertently humorous pot-shot against anyone who thinks it is
other  than a missile (this may be why comments are disabled on the video):
Looks beautiful, but this has been completely explained.
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Latest Update from Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission Website:
Two pyramid shaped UFOs filmed
over Xi'an, China on January 28,
the clearest ever UFO footage and
final and definitive proof of alien
visitation to planet earth. It was filmed
in China on January 28, at 8.40 AM
Multiple witnesses saw a giant
pyramid shaped UFO hover above the
city of Xi'an with a smaller UFO flying
around the larger craft... The UFO was
seen for two minutes and Mr. Yu
managed to film 15 seconds of
footage of this historic event. Mr. Yu
described the UFO as being covered
in uneven patterns and shapes as
well as having glowing purple light
coming out of its underside. Other
witnesses saw both UFOs. 'This is
astonishing, landmark authentic
footage one Chinese ufologist noted.
Little Grandmother talks on
The Spiral